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Event report: St Catherine's Faire

St Catherine's Faire was as full as ever this year, with a visit from Their Majesties, Henri and Beatrice, lots of visitors from out of town and from other re-enactment groups, two tournaments, a splendid feast, many A&S classes, a ball, singing, a vigil and a laurel ceremony, late-night campfires and of course a great deal of good company.

The weather was kind to us: a little windy on Friday, and ever so slightly damp on Sunday, but perfect for most of the event.

Event Report: St John's

From the Steward

Thank you to all who came to St John's - it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see you all again, especially those whose presence has been missed for some time.

Combat was fought, boasts were made, fine food was consumed, and music and A&S held the interest of many.

Embroidery Competition

As announced at St John's, there is to be an Arts and Sciences competition judged at this coming St Catherine's Faire. To enter you must produce a small embroidered item in any style of embroidery that you so choose, entirely constructed between St John's and St Catherine's. The item must be either a gift for another member of the populace, or a contribution to Their Excellencies store of largesse, to be given to a deserving person at a later date.

No A&S This Sunday the 7th

Due to the number of people who will be at the St John's event this weekend, the usual A&S gathering at William and Catalina's house will be cancelled this week. 

We hope to see everyone next week for Christine's ring making workshop!

A&S Moving This Week

Due to our house being a pit of plague and despair at present, A&S will be moving to Lady Caterine's place this week. Normal service will resume next week.The address is 8a Drome View Place, Beach Haven.


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