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Heraldic Resources

Heraldry: The art or science of blazoning armorial bearings and of settling the right of persons to bear arms or certain bearings. - OED

Blue Lymphad Herald

"Blue Lymphad" is the name given to the Ildhafn Baronial Herald. The name is derived from the lymphads (ships, with both oars and sails) on Ildhafn's device.


The Ildhafn Herald List of the members of the Barony who have been given awards for their service, courtesy, or excellence in combat or the arts.


Heraldic resources

Here is a list of heraldic resources that you may find useful. If you have any questions, feel free to consult Blue Lymphad, Etain ingen Choilein (Alex Allison,

SCA Heraldry administration

Laurel Sovereign of Arms Homepage

Crux Australis Herald

Caid herald - Crescent

Conflict Checking

on Modar's heraldry page

Teceangl's 'Basic Conflict Checking

Ordinary and Armorial

On-line O&A or here

This program "SCA Ordinary and Armorial Software" allows one to access the O&A database locally, with very powerful and intuitive search capabilities.

Heraldry Precedents

SCA precedents

Precedent search

Posture conflict table

Cross conflict table

Herald Tests

Heraldic terms & glossaries

SCA Glossary of terms

A Heraldic Primer

Heraldic Dictionary - A primer to aid in understanding blazons (descriptions) of heraldry. With illustrations of field divisions, animals, and inanimate charges

Blazoning of Creatures - great resource for the correct way to draw animals!

Heraldry graphics

Blazon - cute Windows software design program

Heraldry clip-art

Heraldic Clipart

Alastair's mega-link list (list of links)

Guntram's page

Parker clip art

SCA Armoury

A number of links to SCA Rolls of Arms Courtesy of the Lochac Roll of Arms

Heralds and Heraldry in History

Heraldique Europeenne - Is in French, but lets you see heraldry by country, albeit redrawn in a modern style

'The Manesse Codex' - You can see all the illustrations by clicking on the link called: Tafeln der Manesseschen Liederhandschrift

Names archives

Academy of St Gabriel

on Modar's Heraldry page

on the An Tir herald's page

Aryanhwy's page of names articles

Scottish & Gaelic names

Norse names - The National and University Library of Iceland and Cornell University have started a cooperative project of large scale digitalization of about 380 000 manuscript pages and 145 000 printed pages. The material will consist of the entire range of Icelandic family sagas. It will also include a very large portion of Germanic/Nordic mythology (the Eddas), the history of Norwegian kings, contemporary sagas and tales from the European age of chivalry

'Lingual Weirdness Table'

Heraldic design

'The Heraldry cliché checklist'

'The Philosophical Roots of Heraldic Design' - by Viscountess Hilary of Serendip

Heraldic display

'What is Heraldic Display?'

'A Cursory Glance at Medieval Flags and Banners'

Tourney and Court heraldry

'Taran's Field Heraldry'

'King René's Tournament book'

Orders of Precedence

Lochac Gentry list (Canon Lore)

Caid OP

Other Kingdoms' OPs


Lochac College of Scribes