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Our valiant art is composed of two main virtues.  Taking care of the defense right from the outset is the first.....The second is knowing how to attack your opponent in tempo without also getting hit.  If you receive a hit while hitting your opponent, your glory would be naught, since this would make you simultaneously the victor and the vanquished.  Do not, therefore, share your victory with the opponent, and do not let him share his shame with you.

Antonio Manciolino, 1531; translation by Tom Leoni.

Welcome to the Barony of Ildhafn Combat page.  The Knight Marshal, Sir Inigo Missaglia (Derek Tomes),  is the officer responsible for everything combat related in this barony.  If you would like to see us in action, then you're very welcome to turn up to any combat training (see the Calendar).

Our group is active in researching and practising various aspects of mediaeval and renaissance sword play (western martial arts).  

The SCA has several distinct but complementary rule-sets: "Heavy" combat, where armoured combatants attempt to land forceful blows using rattan (cane) weapons; and "Rapier", or "Fencing", which uses metal weapons, lighter protective equipment, and is played "to the touch". We also enjoy combat archery, equestrian activities, and "war scenarios".

In all cases safety is a priority and both men and women are equally welcome to join in.

Wednesday night practices focus on some aspect of historical fencing.  We often spend several weeks working from a particular treatise or style.  The list of masters we have studied in the past includes Manciolino and Marozzo (early 16th C Italy),  Capoferro and Fabris (late 16th C Italy), Silver (Elizabethan England), Carranza (16th C Spain), Thibault (17th C Spain) and Meyer (16th C Germany).  The Wednesday night group sometimes keeps a journal of its activities.

The Kingdom of Lochac combat handbooks can be found here:

Here is a video demonstration of the Society "flex test", which all metal blades are required to pass.

We have a local copy of Don Henry's Saviolo redaction.

A collection of links to SCA relevant Historical Fencing / Western Martial Arts resources can be found at Non solum sed etiam.

Over the years, merchants come and go. Our current list of our members have recently bought stuff from is show below, which hopefully can provide you with some places to start looking. Feel free to talk to any of us about where we got various items of our kit!