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Event report: St Catherine's Faire

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on December 5, 2012 - 2:12pm

St Catherine's Faire was as full as ever this year, with a visit from Their Majesties, Henri and Beatrice, lots of visitors from out of town and from other re-enactment groups, two tournaments, a splendid feast, many A&S classes, a ball, singing, a vigil and a laurel ceremony, late-night campfires and of course a great deal of good company.

The weather was kind to us: a little windy on Friday, and ever so slightly damp on Sunday, but perfect for most of the event.

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped: I never wanted for willing hands, and everyone who came substantially contributed to the event.

-- Katherina Weyssin, steward

Martial Activities

We tried a new setting for the list field - in a small glade under the trees, where we could fight (and watch) in the shade. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, though next time we must put the spectators upwind, as it eventually gets a bit dusty.

Fencing Tournament

William de Cameron is once again the Baronial Rapier Champion

Armoured Tournament

His Majesty won the heavy tournament.


Thanks to the Wulfings for once again arranging the archery. We like the new archery field, closer to the hall and tourneys. Archery was again well-attended and enjoyed by all.

-- Eleanor Hall, marshal


Arts and Sciences 

(For a list of the classes run please refer to the schedule)

The arts and sciences flourished this weekend. Offers of classes and interest in them almost overwhelmed the possible availability of time in the schedule and we felt very blessed to have the calibre of knowledge and enthusiasm that was shared throughtought the weekend.

Music featured heavily in the weekend, planned and un planned activities with the wonderful encouragement and engagement of our Southron Gaard and Darton cousins, and the keen people of Ildhafn and Cluain that thave been doing more and more regular singing practice that were keen to try out their vocal chords together. Whether it be at a planned class, snatched moments, or while cleaning the numerous dishes that had been created by a truly wonderful feast on the Saturday night directed by Androu and with the help from all those in the kitchen. There were even Wulfings sighted at the workshop on Friday night joining in with Donna Nobis (it was reported that they were told it was a drinking song....) and a few others, while we were graced with the Royal presence looking on.

There was a beautiful feast lunch put on by Caterine de Vantier on Saturday and Isabel de Winter made our mouths water on Sunday just before closing court while breakfast made our stomachs happy directed by Anna. All the help and extra time given to prep, cooking, and washing up is always appreciated and our thanks to all who did these tasks over the weekend.

Caterine De Vantier's embroidery competition saw the Baron produce his lovely piece in court, and Robert of knightsbridge fall short with much comic effect. Lucy took the prize kindly donated by Caterine, and produced a beautiful pouch which she then gifted to the Queen.

The a and s display arranged by Mistress Katherine Kerr and Mistress Katherina Weyssin? where the populous displayed their talent and efforts was truly a treat. A whole section of the hall was also taken up by the now Master Edward Braithwaite's amazing treasure trove of inspirational and beautiful projects from over the years, demonstrating once again his prowess in his chosen fields, and some of the many reasons as to why he was being accepted as a Laurel that weekend. His dragon was a highlight and its introduction made by the wulfings at the feast was a well thought out and rehearsed piece, as well as their wonderful singing and mummers which the King graced us all by playing a King!

paynted cloth painting amused children and adults alike on both Saturday and then by request  on Sunday!...we soon found out who were the perfectionists in the group!

The girdle books class from Isabel, Tablet weaving Class by Amalie,  the dance class run by Anna de Wilde, the lock class by Grim, the How to kill undead in Medieval times from Lyulf St George and Kotec's drugs and medicine in the SCA period were all well attended, and well enjoyed.

A particular hightlight for those that attended the how to kill medieval undead class, was the use of fred the prop hessian man to which Lyulf had even gone to the trouble of sewing a heart into so that it would serve a more educational and hands on approach to learning how to deal with this very real threat in the middle ages Brittish and European vampyre nations. At the end poor Fred had be torn limb from limb, staked numerous times, had his mouth infested with coins while nails and other things were stuck into him. The only fitting end was a good and decent cremation...just to make sure he wasn't going to rise and take his revenge!

 On Saturday, late afternoon a ball was held.  Instead of having a ball list, each member who attended got to request a dance, and you were able to request the same dance, even if it had been requested previously.  We danced the mixed bransles, Lorrayn and Black allemandes, Contrapasso Nuovo, Ly bens distonys, Amoroso, Ginevra, and many more. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves, and lots of dancing was had by all.  - Anna de Wilde

i would like to thank every one who gave of their time to run a class/workshop or support one by going to it. It is a hard thing to put yourself on the line and share knowledge - especially if it is your first time, so thank you to everyone that encouraged growth and enriched the relm by giving of themselves in the different areas. 


-- Christine Bess Duvaunt, A&S wrangler


Courts and Awards

Their Majesties were clearly keen to acknowledge and reward the diverse efforts and achievements of the people of Their loyal barony.  To that end They did grant:

  • The Rowan unto William de Cameron,
  • Awards of Arms unto Lyulf St George, Hakon de Falcon and Airika Eoganachta Mor,
  • Order of the Star and Lily (formerly the Golden Lily) unto Caterine de Vantier and Christine Bess Duvant,
  • Order of the Golden Tear unto Maerwynn of Cluain, and
  • Order of the Golden Sword unto our good Baron Rudiger Adler

Their Majesties also took the opportunity to grant an Award of Arms unto Quentin Maclaren, visiting from Southron Gaard.

Of course, the headline event was the initiation of Edward Braythwayte into the Order of the Laurel.  OMG!

Baroness Alexandra de Santiago was sworn in as Cluain Seneschal, Mistress Katherina Weyssin as Baronial Chronicler and Lady Aesa Hrolfsdottir as Ildhafn Quartermaster.

Other notable business included the appearance of a delegation from Auckland Sword and Shield inviting us all to NAAMA next year.

My thanks to all those who helped with the shouting, especially Lady Christine.


-- Ludwig von Regensburg, Herald