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If you're looking for information about our group, or are interested in joining, please contact Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H), .



Baron & Baroness 

Baron Sympkyn of the Moor and Baroness Elyna Delynor (Ian and Wendy Piddington),

Ceremonial leaders of the Barony. 

(Since November 2017)



The following list are the officers of Ildhafn - those of the Canton of Cluain can be found on their website.

seneschal icon

Seneschal - Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H) (022) 050 2064   
Administration - president and secretary combined. (In office since November 2017).


Eleanor Hall
chatelaine icon

Chatelaine - Baroness Elyna Delynor  (Wendy Piddington    
Assists new members and visitors, and is often the first point of contact for enquiries. (As of August 2017)

herald icon Herald -  Baroness Christine Bess Duvaunt (Chantelle Gerrard)  
Heraldry, ceremony, names & arms, announcements. (Since October 2017)
marshal icon

Marshal -  William de Cameron (David Robb) 
Manages combat of all sorts. (Since April 2018)

 William de Cameron
fencer icon

Rapier Marshal - Master William de Cameron (David Robb) 029 9125266
Encourages fencing. (Since July 2017)

William de Cameron

Captain of Archers - Lord Omid (Philip Kilpatrick) 
Encourages archery. (Since March 2016) 

reeve icon

Reeve - Elize de Jager (Elize de Jager) 
Group finances - the treasurer. (Since December 2017)

A&S icon

Arts and Sciences -  Lady Maheshti (Agate) 
Arts, crafts, performance and scholarship (Since November 2017)

webwright icon

Webwright - Don Ludwig von Regensburg (Patrick Bowman) 
Website and email lists. (Since October 2018)


Quartermaster - Baron Sympkyn of the Moor (Ian Piddington) 
Stores and maintains the group's gear. (Since January 2017)




We also have other officer roles that are available if we have someone interested in helping out in a particular way. If you're interested in any officer position, please contact the Seneschal Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H) .