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If you're looking for information about our group, or are interested in joining, please contact Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H), (09) 4821053.



Baron & Baroness 

Baron Sympkyn of the Moor and Baroness Elyna Delynor (Ian and Wendy Piddington),

Ceremonial leaders of the Barony. 

(Since November 2017)



The following list are the officers of Ildhafn - those of the Canton of Cluain can be found on their website.

seneschal iconSeneschal - Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H) (022) 050 2064   
Administration - president and secretary combined. (In office since November 2017).


Eleanor Hall

chatelaine icon

Chatelaine - Lady Vettoria di Giovanni (Shannon Wanty) (09) 4821053

Assists new members and visitors, and is often the first point of contact for enquiries. (As of August 2017)

herald iconHerald -  Lady Christine Bess Duvaunt (Chantelle Gerrard)  
Heraldry, ceremony, names & arms, announcements. (Since October 2017)

marshal icon

Marshal -  William de Cameron (David Robb) 
Manages combat of all sorts. (since March 2013)


fencer icon

Rapier Marshal - Master William de Cameron (David Robb) 029 9125266
             Encourages fencing (since July 2017)

William de Cameron

Captain of Archers - Lord Omid (Philip Kilpatrick) 

             Encourages archery (since March 2016) 



reeve icon

Reeve - Elize de Jager (Elize de Jager) 
Group finances - the treasurer. (Since December 2017)


A&S icon

Arts and Sciences -  Lady Maheshti (Agate) 
Arts, crafts, performance and scholarship (Since November 2017)


webwright icon

Webwright - Master William de Cameron (David Robb) 
Website and email lists. (Since March 2016)

 William de Cameron

Quartermaster -  (Michaela) 
Stores and maintains the group's gear. (Since January 2017)




We also have other officer roles that are available if we have someone interested in helping out in a particular way. If you're interested in any officer position, please contact the Seneschal Lady Eleanor Hall (Nicola H) .