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Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism!

Ildhafn holds regular events where we participate in tournaments, dress like medieval or renaissance people, feast, dance and sing. Between events, most of us practice various arts & crafts, and pursue specialised areas of interest such as embroidery, armouring, sewing, heraldry, warfare, calligraphy, illumination, brewing & cooking. There are few historic crafts that one of us would not have touched on at some time.

We welcome new members, whether you want to become heavily involved, or just have a go once or twice a year.

The only requirements are that you:

  • wear an attempt at medieval clothing when you attend a formal event
  • behave courteously

DSCF1237.JPGWhile it is not necessary to be a subscribing member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) to take part in our activities, membership is inexpensive and easy to get - please see this page for more information.

The Society is an amazing place, with heaps to do, and lots of fun to be had. But it can be pretty confusing sometimes when you're new; there seem to be so many customs and terms that you don't know.


  How do I get involved?

  • Join the Ildhafn e-mail list.

  • Contact the chatelaine, (Caitlin Smart, known in the SCA as Giacoma Tovani)
    Our chatelaine is there to help newcomers or visitors. From "what do I need to bring to an event?" and "can I get a ride?"  to "how do I make my own medieval clothes? or "can I borrow some?", the chatelaine is a valuable resource in helping you get started.
  • Come to some of our regular activities, such as fencing or an Arts and Sciences afternoon.


    Practices and training sessions are done in modern clothing, and anyone is free to attend. Contact the person listed in the calendar in advance, just to make sure they're running according to schedule (particularly over summer).

  • Come to a Formal Event! Costumes, music, fighting and more . . .


If you want to attend a feast, camping weekend or other major event, you might want to talk to someone beforehand and organise a guide - like any cultural group, we have our own customs and ways of doing things. For smaller, less formal events, such as fighters' practices, just roll on up and talk to people.

We have a 'Gold Key' officer, who can lend you suitable clothing and feast gear (medieval plates and drinking vessels) for events.

If you get in touch with the contact person listed for an event, let them know you're new. They'll be able to tell you such things as whether medieval clothing is expected.

More information on some of our activities