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St Sebastians Schedule

Submitted by Edward Braythwayte on February 20, 2013 - 8:25pm

Here is a draft schedule of what is currently planned:

Book here; other event details here.

Fri 4pm Site opens    
Fri 6pm Supper (available 'till late)    
Fri 8:30     Killing the Undead -The return of Freddy!
Sat 8am Breakfast    
Sat 9:45am Opening Court    
  Start of 'Power & Influence' The First Quest Boffer Skill at Arms Tablet Weaving
Sat 11am Rapier Tournament   Making Hay while the Sun Shines
Sat Noon Village Football - Piddlington v Oddlington    
Sat 1pm Lunch    
  The Second Quest Scavenger Hunt?  
Sat 2pm Archery Games (Unstable archers and/or targets)    
Sat 4pm     Candle Making (Suitable for all ages)
Sat 6pm Dinner    
Sat 7pm The Third Quest Marshmallow Toasting  
Sat 8pm     14th Century Brewing
Sun 8am Breakfast    
Sun 9:30am     Coptic Bookbinding
Sun 10:30am St Sebastians Archery Competition Easter Egg Hunt Dying (Textiles)
Sun Noon Stoolball    
Sun 1pm Lunch    
Sun 2pm Closing Court - Presentation of Prizes    
  Pack up    
Sun 4pm Site Closes    









If you have any suggestions or comments please email Ed.