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Emrys to fight his Guildmaster's prize

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 20, 2013 - 2:26pm

Ildhafn's own Don Emrys Tudor will attempt his Guild Master's Prize at the upcoming Roway Festival.  Lord Guildmaster Francois Guyon made the announcement yesterday (19/02) on the Lochac fencing list:

It is the right of any student to seek sponsorship and offer themselves for
the playing of the Prize to achieve the rank of Free Scholar, Journeyman or
Provost in the Guild. The Body of Guildmasters reserves to itself only the
right to issue an invitation to those members that it deems worthy of
undertaking examination to join its ranks. And so:


I, Francois Guyon, Lord Guildmaster, and with the accord of the
Body of Guildmasters, do give leave and licence to our Provost, Emrys Tudur,
 to play his Guildmaster's Prize against all Guildmasters in all
their subtle mysteries in the following weapons, viz:

Single Italian Rapier after Fabris and Cappo Ferro
Rapier and parrying gauntlet after Saviolo
Rapier and Dagger after the Spanish Destreza tradition
German Rapier and cloak after Mayer
Case of Rapiers after Agrippa
English Backsword and buckler after Silver (Cut and Thrust)
And finally German long sword after Meyer. (Cut and Thrust)

THIS is to give notice that the Provost will be upon the field at the
Rowany Festival at Easter this year, prepared
to perform his uttermost towards the achievement and bearing away of the

As well as testing the candidate's skills in the art of defence, the Guild Master's Prize is a formidable test of endurance, requiring the candiate to undertake a minimum of 63 passes.  To assist their esteemed Provost in his conditioning, Lady Christine Bess Duvant (Provost of Lochac, AS XL and noted dagger enthusiast) and Lord Ludwig von Regensburg (a Journeyman of the Lochac Guild of Defence) can be regularly seen chasing Don Emrys around a park with all manner of weaponry.

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