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My Confirmed Dance List for the Canterbury Faire Ball 2012

Submitted by Anna de Wilde on December 2, 2011 - 1:33am

This is the final list of dances for the Canterbury Faire Ball (Friday night at Canterbury Faire). There are dances to suit all skill levels, and I hope the ball will be a lot of fun. If you have questions about the dances or music, please contact Lady Anna de Wilde or add a comment below.

UPDATE: all sheet music for the ball now collected here (thank you, Lowrens!).

Open with

Ballo del fiore   sheet music (several versions)

First Set

Quadran Pavanne

dance notes and sheet music for the first set

Earl of Essex Measure
Lorrayne Alman
Black Alman

~ Tassel Kick ~

sheet music1

Second Set

Cesarina  dance notes sheet music
Spagnoletta dance notes2
Gracca Amorosa dance notes  
Contentezza d'Amore dance notes  

Third Set

Contrapasso Nuovo dance notes sheet music (scroll down)
Chiara Stella dance notes  
Pungente Dardo dance notes sheet music
Galliards   sheet music1

~ Supper ~


Fourth Set

Scottish Branles dance notes  
Horses Branle dance notes  
Montarde Branle dance notes  

Fifth Set

Alenchon dance notes  
Ly bens distonys dance notes  
Il Canario    
Petit Vriens    
La Caccia d'Amore dance notes sheet music

 1. We will probably use several pieces of galliard music through the evening, for the tassel-kick and then for the galliards at the end of the third set. Likely pieces are: La Traditore, The Marie-Gold, The Newe Years Gift

2. There are many choreographies to the Spagnoletta tune. The musicians at Canterbury Faire will play the music six times through, so you can dance any version you please: Mistress Katherina's reconstructions; Master Del's reconstructions

Working Notes, earlier updates

2 December 2011

With help from Mistress Katherina who put together a music list together on her laptop she has advised that the music alone comes to around 80 minutes.  I was aiming for around 70 minutes worth of dancing.  So it does seem to be a little long. :(  I have to be mindful that the tassel kick can go for up to 15-30 minutes, and that supper is usually around 30 minutes.  So this ball is looking to be around 3 hours.  That's a pretty long evening.  I think that it may come down to making the call on the evening of cutting dances out, if it seems to be going on too long.

23 November 2011

The list above is now the Official Ball list for Canterbury Faire.  I haven't changed anything except the order of the dances in the second set.  I will make the call on the night to subtract any dances if things are not going well or if it is getting too late.

17th of October

I have been playing with the order and swapped some of the in the sets.  I have moved the tassle kick to earlier in the evening, and I have put supper in the list as well.  Placing supper after two quite vigorous set of cascardes and balletti I think will work well.  Then having the next set as the branles will hopefully get people back on the floor.  I am still debating the length of the ball list.  There were 20 dances last year if you count the Branles of Champagne as one dance, and I have 23.  I am currently of the mind to keep the list as is, and make the call on the night to delete dances if need be.

First list, early October

So I got an attack of helium hand and offered to organise the Canterbury Faire Ball.  So I am hoping to organise a dance list that is fun, and interesting.   Here is what I have so far.  This has been recently edited as I have received some requests from those that live in SG.  Not all suggestions will be granted.  This list will be finalised by the end of October.

I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, if there are dances that you would like to see on the list.  (Just be aware there will be no ECD on this list)

I have opened up the comments section, so feel fee to comment any suggestions or thoughts about the Dance list.

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Just a thought: of the dances in the second set, Contentezza and Spagnoletta are probably the best-known by those likely to attend CF, and Fedelta and Cesarina the least known. Would it be worth moving one of the better-known dances to the end, so we end the set with a dance that more people are more confident with?

It is nice to see some rarer dances in the list along with the old favourites. I'm going to have to put some effort into learning some of these!

My suggestion would be to swap the third and fifth sets. My initial reasoning was the sets 2 and 3 are heavy on the tricky Italians -- but my secret plan is cos I'm so ancient I couldn't stay awake long enough to do Ly bens (may favourite) if it is at the end. Or keep those branles for the young'uns who can last out the night...

Still doddering,
katherine kerr

 Thank you for the suggestion and I can understand why you would ask this. :D However I am going to keep the order as is, because I would like to round off the ball, with easy dances that every one likes and enjoys, which hopefully will end the ball on a high note, where it ends with everyone dancing and having a good time. :D


Would you like to keep to particular version for the dances for which there are diverse reconstructions floating about? Or shall we have glorious (if possibly chaotic) variety on the night? I'm thinking especially of: Lybens Distonys, the Earl of Essex, Horses Branles, and Spagnoletta.

 There are a couple that I would like to keep to a particular versions, but others I think, as long as you are dancing with someone that knows the same version that you know, then chaos on the night could be fun. :)  

Lybens Distonys will be the version and music that SGers know.

Earl of Essex will be the 4x Double forward, single back - the single left, single right, double forward single back.

Horses Branle will be done as couples in a circle, and you will pass in front of the person to your left turning in the double to the left.

Spagnoletta - I will need to talk to the musicians as there are various different versions, with different verse lengths.  So I am thinking of having them play through 6 times, which will allow you to do Spagnoletta for two or three people.

Which version of Ballo del Fiore would you like to use? The most common places of difference seem to be:

  • Start on left or right foot?
  • Start with one dancer or several?
  • Same number of couples throughout (usually 1-3); or more and more as the dance goes on?
  • The shape of the middle figure, where you do four doubles, two turning, and two straight, separating from your partner. I like to turn in place with the first two, then pass my partner with the next two. Many others like a "C" or "J" shaped figure. 

 The version that I would prefer is the version that I dance. :D

  •  Starting on the left foot.  (So riverenza on the left)
  •  I would like to start with one person on the floor holding 6 flowers - they will ask someone to dance, at the point that the first person hands over a flower, they will hand over 3 flowers to the second person.  Then that means that the first and second person will ask 3 others to dance and will remain on the floor until they have handed their last flower over.  It will mean that the maximum amount of couples that are on the floor is 6.
  •  I would like the middle figure to be two turning in place over the left shoulder then passing right shoulders with your partner, turning to face on the last step of the seguito ordinario. 
  • However if you prefer any other figure like the C or J then please either ask someone who does the figure the same way that you do, or check while dancing which figure you would prefer to dance.

Do you happen to have the music for the Galliards and La Caccia d'Amore? I'd appreciate a spare copy. Elise

I've added sheet music for La Caccia to my section of the Ildhafn site; both my two-part arrangement, and links to a five-part setting.

I'll get back to you about the galliards once Anna, Iuliana and I have decided which pieces to use - early next week, I expect.

We'll keep adding links to dance instructions and sheet music as we can.

- Katherina Weyssin

Rats indeed! Hope to see you next year.

- Katherina