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Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on July 19, 2013 - 2:11pm

The word "foin" caused some trouble in this week's Saviolo class.  Fortunately, the OED is to the rescue: "To make a thrust with a pointed weapon..."  It occurs as both transitive and intransitive verbs and also a noun.

The etymology is uncertain, but best guess is from an Old French word for three-pronged fish-spear (which I would call a "trident").

It seems that in the 17th C the word merged with "foil" (a blunted sword).


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Wednesday (Meyer's Rapier)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on April 10, 2013 - 12:00am

A return to the hip cut, maintaining initiative, some devices from the Low guard.

Warm-up: Same cutting drill as last time.

Hip cut as an exemplar of two tactics

In the previous lesson we tried two hip cuts, one starting with a lunge, the other with an Oberhau.  In both cases the cut was a result the inital cut being parried.  This is a device based on maintaining initiative, allowing you to follow an attack with another attack, while your opponent is restricted to parrying.

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Council Minutes - 24th of March 2013

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on April 4, 2013 - 4:22pm

Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes March 2013


In Attendance: Patrick Bowman (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve/Herald), Eleanor Hall  (Marshal), Nora Czaykowski (Reeve-in-waiting)

Apologies: Chantelle Gerrard (A&S), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Katherine Davies (Webwright), David Robb



Wednesday (Meyer's Rapier)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 27, 2013 - 12:00am

Class three in Meyer's rapier.

Now we tackle the lunge (Fliegende Stich): From Eisenport, gather the back foot just a little in preparation. Then thrust, straightening the arm and stepping forward approximately one foot's length, leaning well over the front knee.  Power is generated by pushing with the back foot, being sure to keep it flat on the floor (not rolling the heel).  This simple set of movements need to happen quickly in the right order, which takes considerable practice.  Meyer's usual rule of turning your long edge against the opponent's weapon still holds, so the lunge can take place in first, second, third or fourth.

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Wednesday (Meyer's Rapier)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 13, 2013 - 10:38pm

A first class on Meyer's rapier.

Sword terms: The sword has a point, a long edge (knuckle-side, the edge you do most of the hitting with), a short edge (the other edge, the one that faces you in stance) and a flat.  Meyer uses all these surfaces to some extent.

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Fencing at Canterbury Faire

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 11, 2013 - 9:31pm

I had an enjoyable week's fencing at Canterbury Faire.  Don Emrys, Don William and I participated in the melees, which continued last year's theme of silliness with revivals of Zombie scenarios, and the addition of Space Invaders.  Christine and I were both authorised in Cut and Thrust, which meant I could examine James in his Free Scholar's prize in longsword (which he easily passed), and we -- along with Emrys -- could play in the Cut and Thrust tourney.  I played longsword throughout as it is my new toy.

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