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Fencing at Canterbury Faire

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 11, 2013 - 9:31pm

I had an enjoyable week's fencing at Canterbury Faire.  Don Emrys, Don William and I participated in the melees, which continued last year's theme of silliness with revivals of Zombie scenarios, and the addition of Space Invaders.  Christine and I were both authorised in Cut and Thrust, which meant I could examine James in his Free Scholar's prize in longsword (which he easily passed), and we -- along with Emrys -- could play in the Cut and Thrust tourney.  I played longsword throughout as it is my new toy.

Christine, William and I contested the Baroness' rapier tourney, which was ultimately won by Thomas (again!).  I also enjoyed some great pick-up fights with Thomas, Gordon, Don Alessandro, Desiderata, Christine, Sir Stefan and Baron Oswyn.

I will also mention that Donna Silfren and Master William de Wyke were experimenting with low-profile leather blunts for sword tips, and they look great!

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