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Council Minutes - 24th of March 2013

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on April 4, 2013 - 4:22pm

Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes March 2013


In Attendance: Patrick Bowman (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve/Herald), Eleanor Hall  (Marshal), Nora Czaykowski (Reeve-in-waiting)

Apologies: Chantelle Gerrard (A&S), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Katherine Davies (Webwright), David Robb




Meeting Opened: 7.32pm




Bank account currently stands at $8004.11

Some payments for the Birthday Ball and the Bloth have now come in.  $453 is money collected for the chests workshop, and will be paid out directly to Ed as arranged to cover the materials for that.

I have begun updating the Reeve's page on the Ildhafn website.
I am taking Nora through some handover stuff on Sunday, she will also be at Council. I will arrange another time to sit down with her after Easter, when we will complete the Financial Year End report and I'll officially pass everything onto her then.

We need to change the account signatories on the SCANZ Inc Ildhafn Kiwibank account now, and I'd like to get that included in the minutes.
David has volunteered to be removed as a signatory, since he's been one for a decade now.
These are the changes that we need to make:

  • Remove David Robb as a signatory on the account
  • Remove Shannon Wanty as Treasurer/key account signatory on the account, but keep her as an account signatory
  • Remove Angela Wells as Club President/key account signatory on the account, but keep her as an account signatory
  • Change Patrick Bowman to Club President/key account signatory on the account
  • Add Nora Czaykowski to the account as Treasurer/key account signatory

Additional: Add Melissa Muckart as an account signatory (to comply with SCANZ Financial Policy)

Action: That the above signatory changes be made.

Following Easter I will be in touch with Ange, Patrick, and Nora to arrange a time to change signatories. This will likely be a Saturday morning, to fit in with people's work schedules.



No report [Chantelle currently travelling, but has been in touch].



No injuries,
No deaths,
Rapier has been ongoing,
Heavy seems going well in Cluain
Emrys is about to sit his Guild master's prize
New Marshal will be appoinment pending the end of the feedback period which is 27/03/13.

St sebs went well, no deaths -the only injury was not from a martial activity but I was impressed to see the speed and quality of treatment which bodes well if there was ever a martial oppsie.
Rapier training happened  - I believe a tourney happened [The combatants were Quentin of SG, Baron Oswyn Carolus and Christine Bess Duvant; Oswyn was the winner, Ludwig marshalled. - Patrick]
A HEavy tourney happened.
Archery happened.

I haven't yet chased up a report from the marshal in charge of the event [Appended]
Addendum: Old handbooks have been destroyed (cat)

Cluain Marshal's Report
Fighter practise is continuing

St Sebastian's was held

Archery was run by Mark the archer, no issues

Heavy combat:
1 Authorisation carried out, Sir Inigo providing the "experienced combatant", Julian was duly authorised
Heavy tourney the following day, 4 participants, tourney won by Grim of Thornby

Rapier was overseen by Ludwig and Nicola

Rapier tourney won His excellency Lord Oswin of Southron Gaard

No combat related injuries



I officially stepped into this role at St Sebastian's and conducted my first court there.

Patrick has handed over the relevant stuff of the office, excluding the staff of the office which will be located and passed over in due course. I have had a look at this and identified that some of it may no longer be required - I'll have a thorough look some time over the next month or two and get rid of anything that is unnecessary, out of date or easily available online (and likely to remain so).

I've signed up for the relevant lists, but have yet to get fully stuck into the role.

Being currently full of enthusiasm when I'm not busy being tired, I have some ideas for promoting heraldry and heraldic display in the barony, which I will ponder some more - but expect to hear more out of me on the subject at a future Council meeting and/or on the lists.



Here's what my notes say has happened since last meeting:

  • Webforms: standard webform improved, for Bloth: better conditionality, better spreadsheet output (thanks, David)
  • Webforms: checklist for updating a cloned webform mostly written
  • Use instructions: add "how to advertise a cancellation/proposals/etc" stuff - step by step guides for common announcements (thanks for the idea, Anna)
  • Stewarding info: changed to form editable by whole group (with Caterine's permission); Caterine's stewarding pages are preserved in their original form in a clearly-labelled sub-section
  • Webforms:started including instructions for changing your submissions; notes for stewards to look for double entries
  • Officers: "notebook of office" for all officers, like this page, to generate handover notes (sounds like it might be popular) (see group resources - officers)
  • Officers: website/email/mailing-list instructions for all new officers (see group resources - officers)

It's been good to see some of the officer pages used in handovers; and good to see the "how to make a cancellation" stuff used well - thank you, all of you.

The website's been updated to reflect recent officer handovers (thanks, Patrick).

Copyright stuff is on hold until I return to Auckland, and have a little more time. I'll bring it to council's attention when I've done some more research and feel we need another discussion.

Both Darton and SG have been inquiring into our webforms (thanks David, and I think Nicola). Yay!

A final note: not infrequently, one of you does something on the website that I hadn't thought of, and sometimes I send a note saying "please don't do that" or "please do it this way instead". Please don't be offended by those (unless I'm offensive!): they're not
intended to tell you off for having done something wrong, just to make things better the next time. I can't possibly blame someone for not following a guideline I hadn't thought to write yet. You've all been very gracious so far, and I very much appreciate it. :-)



Nothing to report.



Have been slowly sorting through everything to get myself up-to-date on what we have/should have.  Shannon still has some gear, but there's no hurry for it at this stage, except for Shannon probably wanting to get it out of her garage :)



Fortunately most people seem to be doing their jobs, as the main thing on my
plate is managing the officer changeovers.



Past Events: None


Upcoming Events

Chest Making Workshop:
No report [But seems all good to go].

May Day (Wendy):
Waiting to hear back from Chantelle about booking form.

May Ball (Katherine):
There are seven bookings for the birthday ball (including one child).  The hall is secured. I'll plug it to the other early dance groups when I return home.  Should all be good.

Bloth (David):

  • Deposit is paid, contract is signed and returned, and receipt received.
  • 12 bookings so far. I'd hoped for a few more, but I'm not surprised. I'm fairly confident that numbers will pick up.
  • I've heard via the grapevine that most/all of the ex-B&Bs are planning to attend. Their Excellencies have had the same thoughts I have, and between them and Anna, Svartr has been engaged twice now (I think) to produce some formal invitations.
  • Planning for the entertainments will resume once Katherine is back in-country.
  • I'm meeting with Chantelle this week to discuss A&S activities (probably a display, rather than a competition)

And that's about that. If you haven't booked, please do!

Additional: Council suggests inviting all those who hold the Freedom of the City.  Invite to Elizabeth via Nicola.

St Cath's (Katherine):
I did not succeed in pencil-booking the site before I left (the woman was out both times I called). Since there are now several interested potential stewards, it makes more sense for them to do it.

Action: Follow up with potential stewards.

November Crown 2014:
No report.  Patrick noted that, if unsuccessful, there is an intention to recycle the bid for other Kingdom Events until one is successful.


General Business

Account signatories: See Reeve's report - Saturday after Easter.  Need SCANZ Committee member: Ask Mel.

Webcam and mic: As the group is somewhat distributed, it would be convenient to
have a better video conferencing setup.  Shannon, Nicola and Patrick to investigate webcam (one with a wide enough view to capture a small room).  Skype and Google Hangout the most obvious platforms.  Google Hangout preferred.

Recruitment/Retention:  Fixing the poster?  Probably beyond repair.  Do we want to replace it, and if so, what with? 

Can we get the template for the cards from Kelsie? 

Nicola found some names registered interest (probably at the last Museum demonstration), but as far as we know this was never acted on.  We should advertise May Day to them.

Another forum is Facebook.  In particular, this is a popular means of communication amongst many of the other medieval reinactment groups in NZ.

Action: Advertising materials to be reviewed by Wendy.
Nicola to mock-up a Facebook page for Ildhafn.
Patrick to review our entry on Gathering darkness; and look at Diatribe (used by LARPers).
Patrick to maintain list of offsite web entries.


Council Meeting closed: 7.59pm