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Wednesday (Meyer's Rapier)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 27, 2013 - 12:00am

Class three in Meyer's rapier.

Now we tackle the lunge (Fliegende Stich): From Eisenport, gather the back foot just a little in preparation. Then thrust, straightening the arm and stepping forward approximately one foot's length, leaning well over the front knee.  Power is generated by pushing with the back foot, being sure to keep it flat on the floor (not rolling the heel).  This simple set of movements need to happen quickly in the right order, which takes considerable practice.  Meyer's usual rule of turning your long edge against the opponent's weapon still holds, so the lunge can take place in first, second, third or fourth.

Cutting practice:  Review basic defence against Oberhau.  Repeat wearing masks, with the attacker testing the defence more thoroughly.

Counter-cut: In response to an Oberhau, quickly step (with back foot) away from the attack, and with a step on the front foot make an Oberhau in response.  Aim is to hit both the opponent and his sword in one motion.  Also performed wearing masks.

Basic defence against lunge: Same as against the cut.  Step out from the attack with the back foot, turning the long edge against the opponent's weapon.

Durchwechseln: When you observe that your oppenent will parry the lunge, sent the point through under their hilt and thrust on the other side.  We did this by having the attacker gather the foot and extend the arm as if to lunge, the disengage and lunge on the other side once the defender had stepped.

Counter: Having stepped out with the back foot, when you see that the attacker will change through, do not follow with the hilt.  Rather, get behind your weapon by stepping with the front foot while turning the long edge against the opponent's thrust.

We finished with a reconstruction attempt: a technique from Pflug.  Standing in Pflug (quillons parallel to the ground, thumb on the flat of the blade, hilt low by the knee, point at the opponent) with opponent in Eisenport.  Opponent executes a Zornhau.  Lift hilt towards opponent's right shoulder, blade out horizontally to his left.  Catch the cut on the flat of the blade, stepping under the attack.  Turn the sword into a thrust under his right arm, stepping well to his right.

This was a tricky manoeuver.  We executed it with a double step (Meyer does not specify the footwork).  Sticking the point in the opponent from this position requires and awkward rotation of the sword, which is facilitated by a pass with the left foot.  Meyer's picture shows the device ending front foot forward, with the body well past the opponent's point and the right hand extended back somewhat.

Next week: Ochs!  And maybe a disarm or two.

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