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(April 7th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Angela and I, with help from Wendy, tried a few of the grappling moves out of Meyer.

(March 27th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Lesson: Some cuts.

(March 6th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

With no beginners present, we ditched the plan and did some reconstruction work.

Rapier and cloak - Meyer presents two options:

(February 27th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Class three in Meyer's rapier.

Now we tackle the lunge (Fliegende Stich): From Eisenport, gather the back foot just a little in preparation. Then thrust, straightening the arm and stepping forward approximately one foot's length, leaning well over the front knee.  Power is generated by pushing with the back foot, being sure to keep it flat on the floor (not rolling the heel).  This simple set of movements need to happen quickly in the right order, which takes considerable practice.  Meyer's usual rule of turning your long edge against the opponent's weapon still holds, so the lunge can take place in first, second, third or fourth.

(February 20th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Second class in Meyer's rapier

We did a quick revision of key concepts from last week.  Then practised cutting from posture to posture (right foot forward throughout):

(February 13th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

A first class on Meyer's rapier.

Sword terms: The sword has a point, a long edge (knuckle-side, the edge you do most of the hitting with), a short edge (the other edge, the one that faces you in stance) and a flat.  Meyer uses all these surfaces to some extent.

(February 11th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

I had an enjoyable week's fencing at Canterbury Faire.  Don Emrys, Don William and I participated in the melees, which continued last year's theme of silliness with revivals of Zombie scenarios, and the addition of Space Invaders.  Christine and I were both authorised in Cut and Thrust, which meant I could examine James in his Free Scholar's prize in longsword (which he easily passed), and we -- along with Emrys -- could play in the Cut and Thrust tourney.  I played longsword throughout as it is my new toy.

(January 11th, 2013 by Ludwig von Rege...)

While regular classes are on hiatas over the summer, we're not going to seed.  Matt, David, Chantelle and I got together for some sparring practice on Wednesday, on the spacious lawn outside Chantelle's studio.  We just played "King of the hill" for about 90 minutes, which worked out really well for the four of us: we cycled through quite quickly, so everyone got plenty of fencing, and the mix of abilities was such that everyone spent some time staying in.

(November 21st, 2012 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Matthew continued teaching Spanish rapier from the work of Puck and Mary Curtis.

(October 17th, 2012 by Ludwig von Rege...)

Lesson 2 on Spanish rapier as taught by Matt.

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