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Fabric Shop in Otahuhu

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on August 12, 2011 - 11:35pm

These are the contact details for the fabric shop in Otahuhu that has lots of cheap linen ($3-6 a metre) as well as cottons and other random stuff. It pays to phone first and check if he's open, as he's been pretty sporadic this year.

Fabric Barn
Tel: 270 4948
16 Hall Avenue
Open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10.30am-4pm
Closed Sundays, and when he's called on business to Hong Kong

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On The Fixing of Cars, and Other Such Matters

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on February 27, 2011 - 10:53pm

It might seem an unusual activity for a sewing day, but today in fact cars were mended. William de Wyck (with assistance from Maximilian of Southron Gaard) spent several hours removing panels from Katherina and Ludwig's car, in order to beat them back into shape so that it might pass its warrant. William (not a trained mechanic) just happened to have a few panel beating tools lying around in his garage.

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Mending & Shirts

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on February 16, 2011 - 10:29pm

This week at sewing something new and profound occurred: Katherina brought mending and then sat and did it. Most of the group had heard of the concept of mending, but had never witnessed or experienced it. Katherina managed to cross 11 items off what is understood to be quite an extensive list. Caterine thought that mending seemed like an awfully good idea and avowed to achieve some herself over the next week.

Caterine worked on flatfelling the seams of a shirt made in the style of the St Louis shirt.

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15th century men's shirts and lovely tea and chocolate

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on January 25, 2011 - 12:36pm

Sewing has now shifted to William and Catalina's house on the North Shore, with the first one being held last Sunday. The Ildhafn library has likewise moved to here as it is most often used at sewing.

William tinkered on one of the sewing machines he is repairing, and also discussed 15th century men's shirts, doublets and hose with Katherina and Myne. They also discussed the most efficient ways of cutting circular cloaks, and looked at Alcega for this.

Anna was working on repairing her new 16th century French gown, and making coifs and a veil to complete her ensemble.

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