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On The Fixing of Cars, and Other Such Matters

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on February 27, 2011 - 10:53pm

It might seem an unusual activity for a sewing day, but today in fact cars were mended. William de Wyck (with assistance from Maximilian of Southron Gaard) spent several hours removing panels from Katherina and Ludwig's car, in order to beat them back into shape so that it might pass its warrant. William (not a trained mechanic) just happened to have a few panel beating tools lying around in his garage. He then proceeded to hook up Caterine's exhaust pipe which had accidentally dropped from where it was supposed to be sitting, on account of how Caterine rather enthusiastically backed it into the kerb during her parking manouevers.

Karen brought along her loom, which she has been designing specifically for producing long lengths of tablet weaving. Everyone was intrigued by the design, which has been very carefully thought out - she promises to post detailed photos and a description of this soon, once she has finished tinkering with it.

She sat and discussed tablet weaving with Amalie (also visiting from Southron Gaard), who was working on producing a pair of red tablet woven garters to hold up her silk hose.

Eleanor finalised the booking form for the upcoming royal visit (for more information, and a link to the booking form, look here), and several people promptly booked for the event (book early, book often).

Caterine finished the top stitching on her new blue dress, and made several more thread covered buttons.

Christine brought books to share, and uploaded photos from past events.

Cecilia worked on an appliqued embroidery.

William de Wyck, in addition to repairing cars, showed Inigo his sewing machines.

Maria continued to work on her address, greatly rueing the necessity for eyelets.

Katherina tried out her new corset, working out where and how she wanted to attach the strips. She also experienced the joy of eyelet making, and top stitching.

William de Wyck also got Katherina to put her foot in a lasagne dish full of red-dyed water, and then step onto a piece of paper, in order to get a clear print of her foot for the awesome shoes he is going to make for her. This was then appropriately labelled with her name and age. Everyone else wanted to have a turn as well, but William declared that there simply wasn't enough room on his fridge for everybody's feet.

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