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15th century men's shirts and lovely tea and chocolate

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on January 25, 2011 - 12:36pm

Sewing has now shifted to William and Catalina's house on the North Shore, with the first one being held last Sunday. The Ildhafn library has likewise moved to here as it is most often used at sewing.

William tinkered on one of the sewing machines he is repairing, and also discussed 15th century men's shirts, doublets and hose with Katherina and Myne. They also discussed the most efficient ways of cutting circular cloaks, and looked at Alcega for this.

Anna was working on repairing her new 16th century French gown, and making coifs and a veil to complete her ensemble.

Myne was busy contemplating some new garb. She's also been working on a new set of ruffs.

Caterine helped Marie fit her new 14th century dress, which is coming up beautifully. Marie then finished marking and pinning it before sewing the new seam lines. All she has left to go really are the eyelets and the hem!

Katherina and Caterine were working on a dress for katherine kerr. For Caterine this mostly involved sewing many eyelets. After trying various styles, she has decided that whip stitching around the edge produces the neatest finish, and that getting a perfect colour match with the thread also helps in achieving this.

Katherina also took some time out to read through Anna's dance journal. Anna is working on learning music theory, playing a renaissance guitar, and creating dance reconstructions with the aim of teaching a class at Rowany Festival as her project as one of the King's Liverymen.

Caterine has been adding useful links and notes for sewing techniques to her website, which can be found at




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