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Recipe Trialling: Stuffed Leg of Lamb

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 27, 2011 - 1:08pm

By Lady Caterine de Vantier

This is the main meat dish that I want to serve at the Canterbury Faire feast next year. Although I had a fairly good idea that it would work, I wanted to try it so that I could check volumes of ingredients ahead of time. This particular recipe appealed to me as it is gluten free without any adaptations needing to be made.

Recipe Trialling: Meatballs, and Rice & Cheese

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 26, 2011 - 10:41pm

By Lady Caterine de Vantier

These are two dishes from Messisbugo that I recently tested as I would like to serve them both at the Canterbury Faire feast which I am cooking next year.

I have translated both the recipes from a facsimile of his work; my translation for the meatball dish is here, and the one for rice & cheese is here.

Recipe Trialling of Three Different Tortellini

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 20, 2011 - 8:41pm

By Lady Caterine de Vantier

As part of some recent recipe testing I did, I tried out three different tortellini recipes. I want to serve tortellini as part of the Canterbury Faire feast, but could not decide which recipe would be best. The answer was obviously to try them all, and get feedback from a bunch of people about which they preferred.

The first recipe came from Giacomo Castelvetro, Gillian Riley (trans.), The Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables of Italy (Viking, London, 1989)

A Venetian Flag Fan

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 13, 2011 - 10:03pm

Made for Anna de Wilde, for her Birthday

By Lady Caterine de Vantier

Okay, so it was a bit of a belated birthday present - mostly because I got stuck for a while on how to make up the flag part of the fan. I looked at a number of images of fans, and read an article by La Signora Onorata Katerina de Brescia. This all contributed to the development of my ideas about flag fans.

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Eyelets & Entertainment

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 13, 2011 - 8:45pm

I was the only attendee doing any sewing today, as I worked my way down yet another row of eyelets for the new court dress that I'm making. It was boring and tedious, however, my eyelets are significantly better worked and faster to work than they used to be. I guess that's what happens when you make hundreds of them.

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An attempt at Sorbetto: a recipe recreation that went horribly wrong

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 12, 2011 - 12:23am

I've been reading Lancelotti's book, Lo Scalco Prattico, quite a lot lately as I'm working on the menu for the Canterbury Faire Feast which I'm cooking in February. Lancelotti's book consists entirely of menus, so is useful in working out what sort of food tends to be served, where, and how.

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Riveting Stuff

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on October 10, 2011 - 9:37pm

Yep, it was thrill-a-minute with Kotek deftly wielding a hammer and redoing the rivets on some armour he'd been sent. I would say excuse the pun, but what I really hope is that I have you all groaning in your seats as you read. I should have been a herald.

In addition to this worthy endeavour, he also showed off some German sleeves he has been working on - nice spiffy ones, all the better for fighting in.

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We ate the cake

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on September 11, 2011 - 8:13pm

The stormy weather appeared to keep quite a few people away today. However, those of us that were there made the most of it by consuming the rest of the gateau that I made the other day.

Martuccio exercised all his patience to sew seams by hand for his new paned hose - black, of course. Meanwhile Christine was sewing down gold cord onto a lovely red velvet bodice guarded in deeper red velvet.

Karen's been busy making yet more tablet weaving cards, and she told me about some new looms that she's been working on - it all sounds very exciting.

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A quiet day

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on August 21, 2011 - 5:59pm

Sewing this afternoon was fairly quiet, with only myself attending. Having spent a half hour longer than anticipated in the queue at Spotlight, I was somewhat late. As this is a regular occurence for most people, it seems likely that the start time for sewing will shift from 1pm to 2pm, to enable William & Catalina to have a bit more time on Sunday mornings.

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