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St Valentine's Day Massacre 2020

(January 13th, 2020 by Elyna Delynor)


We invite you to witness the Ildhafn St Valentine's Day Massacre!

Starting at 3pm, you are invited to join us for an afternoon's rapier tournament, followed by a pot-luck dinner, and an evening of music, dancing, singing, games, and all manner of frivolity!

The fun will start in the park across the road from the Avondale Lions Hall with a rapier tournament (weather permitting - otherwise we will hold the tourney inside). All authorised fencers are encouraged to come and show off their prowess and test their skills and courage! Equipment check will open at 3pm with the tourney starting at 3:45pm, so come, one and all, and join the Baroness in being entertained and diverted by the noblest fighters in the land, as they attempt to stab each other in the most amusing and gallant manner.

Following the spectacle of pointy fun that is rapier fencing, we will have an early dinner of the pot-luck persuasion. The evening's revelry will start at 6pm with a pot-luck dinner being laid out at 6:30pm. Music, dancing and games will continue until 10pm.

All revellers are required to bring a plate or dish to enrich our collective table. Try to bring something period (ask the stewards if you would like guidance!) but this is not mandatory. Take your offering to the Hall before coming across to the Park for the tourney.

You will need to bring your own feasting kit. 

(December 31st, 2019 by Sympkyn of the Moor)

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Rapier Tourney and Pot-luck Supper proposal – 15 February 2020

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