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St Valentine's Day Massacre! A Rapier Tourney and Potluck Supper - 15 February 2020

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Avondale Lions Hall
1630 Great North Road (Cnr Great Nth Rd and Blockhouse Bay Rd) Avondale
Auckland 1026
Date and Time: 
Saturday, February 15, 2020 - 15:00 to 22:00


We invite you to witness the Ildhafn St Valentine's Day Massacre!

Starting at 3pm, you are invited to join us for an afternoon's rapier tournament, followed by a pot-luck dinner, and an evening of music, dancing, singing, games, and all manner of frivolity!

The fun will start in the park across the road from the Avondale Lions Hall with a rapier tournament (weather permitting - otherwise we will hold the tourney inside). All authorised fencers are encouraged to come and show off their prowess and test their skills and courage! Equipment check will open at 3pm with the tourney starting at 3:45pm, so come, one and all, and join the Baroness in being entertained and diverted by the noblest fighters in the land, as they attempt to stab each other in the most amusing and gallant manner.

Following the spectacle of pointy fun that is rapier fencing, we will have an early dinner of the pot-luck persuasion. The evening's revelry will start at 6pm with a pot-luck dinner being laid out at 6:30pm. Music, dancing and games will continue until 10pm.

All revellers are required to bring a plate or dish to enrich our collective table. Try to bring something period (ask the stewards if you would like guidance!) but this is not mandatory. Take your offering to the Hall before coming across to the Park for the tourney.

You will need to bring your own feasting kit. 

Dates and times

Saturday February 15th, from 3pm.

Price and bookings

  • adult: $10 (SCANZ members), or $12 (not yet SCANZ members)
  • youth 14-5: $5
  • under 5: free
  • PLUS a plate for the pot-luck dinner

Please book first, then pay by direct deposit into Ildhafn's bank account. You'll get the account details when you fill in the booking form. 

>>> Book here!! <<<


  • Avondale Lions Hall, 1630 Great North Road, Avondale 

    Corner of Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road.

    Parking: limited parking behind the building - turn into the carpark from Great North Road. Try to carpool if possible!
    Bus: stop at 1666 Great North Road is used by routes 113, 115, 135, 136, 153, 154, N13. There are North-bound and South-bound bus-stops on both Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road within about 100m of the hall.
    Entry: come in by the back door - through the car-park and up the ramp
  • Fencing will take place in Heron Park.

    Park your car at the Hall and cross Great North Road to the grassed area. There is also a car park accessible from Cadman Ave, however, this closes at 9pm.


  • Steward - Elyna Delynor (Wendy)
  • Deputy Steward - Sympkyn of the Moor (Ian)


The event opens at 3pm with fencing starting at 3.45pm. The post-fencing revelry starts at 6pm with the pot-luck dinner will be served buffet-style from 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Please bring your feasting kit and if you want to drink something other than water, bring it. If you need to borrow feasting kit or costume, contact the stewards when booking.

Tables will be laid out in an informal manner, and any period or period-esque games people wish to bring will be welcome.

There will also be a variety of music, song and dance during the evening depending on who would like to share their talents with us - this will be an informal evening, not a concert, but rather a low-pressure opportunity to share during the evening.

To this end, if you have anything you'd like to offer as entertainment or performance, please let the stewards know! Be it song, music, poetry, juggling... we'd love to hear from you! 

The evening wraps up officially at 10pm, but we can push it to a bit later if we're still enjoying the jocularity!

As usual, we'll ask everyone to lend a hand packing down: many hands make light work.

If you're new:

This is a costumed event - we ask that you wear an attempt at clothes from before 1600 (most people wear medieval or renaissance clothes). If you do not have anything please contact us in advance and we can try to arrange something. If you want to come last minute and don't have anything to wear, we can arrange a tabard for you to wear over your normal clothes.

If you don't have feasting gear (plate, bowl, spoon, knife, cup) please let the Stewards know AHEAD OF TIME and we'll arrange something for you to borrow. There will be water on the tables, but if you want something else to drink, bring it. A jug or a cloth to cover a modern bottle can help keep things looking medieval.

If you have any questions, would like to borrow costume, or just want to introduce yourself, please contact Elyna and Sympkyn.