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Practising from the CF Ball list

Submitted by Anna de Wilde on September 6, 2012 - 11:54pm
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As usual, my lesson plan was easy.  Lets practice dances from the Canterbury Faire Ball list.

Present: Anna de Wilde, Caterine de Vantier, William de Cameron, Katherine of Glastonbury, Adam.

  • Auld Almain
  • Newe Almain
  • Earl of Essex Measure
  • Belfiore
  • Ballo del Fiore for two
  • Anello

Advanced hour

  • Spagnoletta Nuova in modo di Madriglia

I think next week I will attempt to teach some of the basse dance and some other 15th Century

  • Reale
  • Alenchon
  • Danse de Cleve
  • Presonera
  • Amoroso
  • Lioncello
  • Rostiboli Gioioso
  • Spero

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