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Shallow triangular points

22 bobbins; sample 25mm wide in 50/2 linen thread

Shallow triangular point-lace, based on Met 20.186.177 (see

sample1This is a denser, finer, more detailed lace than many I've done before. It's only 22 bobbins, but it takes me a long time to work each repeat. Doing things in the correct order on the second half of each repeat gets rather fiddly.

I worked my sample at life size (25mm wide) in Bockens 50/2 white linen, which was a similar weight to that used in the orginal.

If I work a length of this to use, I'll increase the size of the pattern, and use heavier thread.

Printable pricking (pdf)

There are prickings in two sizes - about 25mm wide (original size) and about 40mm wide.


I'm happy with the pricking, and largely happy with the working. As usual, my pin holes are prominent, whereas none are visible in the original. Until I find a better solution, I'm going to continue to assume that the pin-holes in the originals disappeared with use and laundering.

Another piece with similar design

This piece, also in the Met, is very similar to the one I've copied above. It's not structurally identical, but it's so similar in places that I think it must be derived from the same design. The execution in this second piece is clumsier, and I think the interpretation of the design is less elegant. I'm glad I copied tthe first model.

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