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Katherina Weyssin's Lace Book

My bobbin lace patterns, derived from surviving renaissance lace and from renaissance pattern books. Some have detailed instructions, some are just prickings.

If you use any of these patterns, I'd love to hear from you.

Coming next: two patterns from Parasole


And two from the Met: 20.186.178 and 06.510

Decorative cord at the edge of Nils Sture's shirt-ruffle. 4 bobbins

This isn't really lace, but the techniques and language of bobbin lace proved a very efficient way to produce this decorative cord. It would make a good lacing-cord too.



Derived from Cleveland Museum of Art 1920.1199: heart-pattern insertion. 16 bobbins

Printable prickings in two widths. Some explanation of working; colour-coded diagram showing stitch-type and paths of threads.


Derived from Art Institute of Chicago 1929.810: narrow edging with tallies. 12 bobbins

Several printable prickings. Links to instructions for working tallies.

Tally practice

Met 20.186.88: narrow insertion. 20 bobbins

Printable prickings in two widths.


Met 20.186.221: deep points with curving trail. 24 bobbins

Printable pricking, some discussion of working.


Met 20.186.177: shallow triangular points. 22 bobbins

Printable pricking in two sizes.


Met 10.124.2: coloured scallops. 14 bobbins

Printable prickings. Several worked samples. Based on metallic lace at the hem of a 16th-century Italian shirt.

Burgundy and white scallops

Met 08.180.505: polychrome silk point lace. 18 bobbins

Printable prickings in several sizes and proportions, discussion of project. 

worked sample of my second pattern in coloured silksscanondarkblue

Parasole p36r: point lace for Eleanor. 18 bobbins

Derived from Elisabetta Catanea Parasole's pattern book. Scanned pricking, detailed working notes, some instructions.

Worked lace, from Parasole's pattern book

Art Institute of Chicago 1937.451: Deep scallops. 24 bobbins.

Bobbin lace border on a wide needle-lace collar. Scanned pricking, and some working notes. Detailed instructions available on request. 

Worked sample of deep scallop lace

Manchester Art Gallery 2003.74. Narrow insertion on a hood. 8 bobbins

Narrow serpentine insertion pattern, from a woman's hood (c.1600). Detailed pattern and working instructions.

Worked serpentine insertion lace

Assorted lace experiments - working notes, some photos.

Early lace projects

Sampler. 12 bobbins

This is intended as a first piece for someone who wants to learn renaissance bobbin lace. There's a pattern and detailed instructions for the sampler; plus seven individual patterns derived from the sampler.

Worked Sampler Scan

Other things I've written about renaissance lace can be found here.