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Refresher of some dances

Submitted by Anna de Wilde on July 6, 2012 - 1:01pm

Since Katherina Weyssin is away - I have been asked to teach dance for the next two weeks.

Attended dance - Anna de Wilde and Catrine de Vantier

Unfortunately for one reason or another (mostly due to winter colds) several kind gentles contacted me before dance to advise that they were unable to attend.

So it was a good chance for Catrine and I to go over some of the dances we have learnt in the advanced class.

We did several run throughs of Ginevra, a bassedanse reconstructed by Katherina.

We also tried to go over Pavaniglia from Il Ballarino also reconstructed by Katherina.  However neither mine or Catrine's feet could remember it very well, so after a couple of attempts we decided to move on to something else.

Catrine kindly took me through the first two verses of Spagnoletta Nuovo in modo di Madriglia. 

So all in all a good evening of dancing.

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