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Ball practise

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on May 18, 2012 - 9:54am

Another evening of brushing up things we've not done for a while, so as to be ready for next weekend's ball.

Present: Katherina Weyssin, Katherine of Glastonbury, Anna de Wilde, Caterine de Vantier, William de Cameron

  • Rostiboli Gioioso, for two and three (warm-up)
  • Il Conto del Orco
  • Lioncello Vecchio, for two
  • Cesarina (taught by Anna)
  • Lioncello Novo, for three
  • Bassadanza Ginevra (taught by William)

We spent most of the last hour working on Ginevra, as it was entirely new to Katherine, and largely new to Anna and Caterine. William and I have discovered that it's not worth trying to cramp it, so we practiced one couple at a time. By the end of the evening, Anna, Caterine and Katherine we all performing it beautifully (and William and Katherina had found out where each follows the other, instead of remembering the steps).

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