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Rapier Tourney Results

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on December 4, 2011 - 6:27pm

We awoke on Sunday morning to solid rain, so many thanks to City Dance for allowing us to make a last-minute booking, and thus have an afternoon of fighting in spite of the weather, and without risk of rust.

Thus, there met on the field of combat:

  • Don William de Cameron, Earl Marshal of Lochac and Master of the Pelican
  • Don Emrys Twdr, third Baron of Ildhafn and Archer of renown
  • Don Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye, newest member of the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac
  • Lord Ludwig von Regensburg, Steward of the day
  • Lady Eleanor Hall, Knight Marshal of Ildhafn, upholding the honour of the ladies of the Barony

The speed and endurance of the combatants was such that two tournaments were fought in succession; the first with open weapons, the second with single sword only. Both used a round-robin, best-of-three format.

The winner of the first tournament was Don William de Cameron, with Don Emrys second.

The winner of the second tournament was Don William de Cameron, with Don Gregory second.

Thanks to the combatants, all of whom also served as Marshals or Marshals-in-training; Ludwig von Regensburg for stewarding the event; William de Cameron for being Marshal in Charge; Katherina Weyssin for running the lists; William de Wyke for filming the bouts; Ludwig, Katherina and Caterine for providing refreshments; and Anna, Martuccio and Christine for being a gracious and attentive audience.

Next week: the tournament for Rapier Champion of Ildhafn, at St Catherine's Picnic.