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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - November 2020

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on November 10, 2020 - 11:58am


Minutes dated 7 November 2020

Meeting opened at 1.07pm

Attendees: Ludwig von Regensburg (Seneschal, Webminster), Sympkyn of the Moor (Quartermaster), Elyna Delynor (Chatelaine), Eleanor Hall (Reeve), Maximilian von Monsterburg (Herald), Christine Bess Duvant (event steward), Ahmed (Captain of Archers), Griete van Groningen (A&S Officer) (via Zoom), Annabelle Collins.


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: (none).

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Sympkyn moved that the minutes from the previous meeting (October 2020 – link: be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Ludwig, vote was in favour, motion carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes


5. Officer Reports:

- Seneschal (Ludwig)
Nothing to report.

- Webminster (Ludwig)
Still got to tidy the website a bit and then re-advertise the position.
Sympkyn: Do you know if we have a hi-res copy of the lymphad, I need something print-quality.
Ludwig: Not sure, maybe ask Cecilia or Benedict.

- Chatelaine (Elyna)
Gold Key stuff has been used. Tunics and shirts were borrowed for Labour Weekend’s camp.

- Captain of Archers (Ahmed)
Archery has been happening every fortnight. At the last one we had newbies, and a total of eight people shooting.

It would be good for the club to get some loaner bows, and particularly child’s sized bows. I will get quotes from Luan and come back to the committee.

- Herald (Maximilian)
I did announcements and helped at Court over Labour Weekend.

- Marshal (Emrys)
(no report.)

- Reeve (Eleanor)
I did the quarterly report, I need to go through the event report for the last event again because I don’t think it’s quite right, but the quarterly was right. I will do that soon.

Cluain’s Reeve needs to be changed, I have received two applications, I will confer with the relevant seneschals and make a decision.

We need to sort out the signatories on the account.

Sympkyn: Yes, I will get that sorted out. Ludwig and I need to go to see the bank.
Ludwig: We will do that in December
Eleanor: We could meet the morning before the next December meeting.

- Quartermaster (Sympkyn)
The gear is still downstairs and safe. We loaned a feast kit out for Labour Weekend. I need to confirm what the stewards need for Summer Event. I also need to follow up with Alyenora about the new silk banner.

- A&S Officer (Griete)
So nothing eventwise has happened recently, I still plan to do a survey as previously mentioned, and I have been planning a performing arts award (as discussed a little with Elyna). I want to discuss this with the Summer Event stewards as we would like to announce it there.

Briefly, it will be about creating a new piece of bardic art and having a year to create it and then having it performed at the next year’s event. I’m considering having three awards: popular acclaim, technical prowess, and Her Excellency’s choice. Also, Katherina has indicated she could help with subsequently putting entrants in touch with people who are more experienced in that particular field, to get productive feedback on their work.

6. Past Events:


7. Upcoming Events:

Summer Event (Ludwig):
We have 20 people booked already. James of Southron Gaard tells me he’s coming to defend his rapier title. Sympkyn has put a message out today to push bookings.
Christine: I have advertised to metal weapons groups, and Larpers.

Ahmed: I plan to run archery in the woods as previous.

Ludwig: I will nudge the fencers to be there. Also any heavies, as we’d like to have that tourney too.

Elyna: I will only be day-tripping on Saturday. Please don’t start Court without me.

Eleanor: I can do Friday dinner and help with sign-in.

Christine: Rob the Roman has offered to bring some roman gear and do a display thereof.

Ludwig: We will have a chat with Sympkyn (Quartermaster) and make a list of required gear.

Sympkyn: I can take the trailer and move everything except the list field, which doesn’t live here anyway.

St Valentine’s Day Massacre (Ludwig):
Eleanor: Sophie from the venue wants us to confirm the booking as they have others interested in booking that date, so I will go ahead and confirm with her. (General approval)

Ludwig: I advertised for a steward a few days ago, as yet no one has come forward.

Christine: I could probably do it if no-one else can.

Elyna: It is my hope that the St Valentine’s Massacre Tourney will become an annual tradition for the group.

Sympkyn: We have leftover tokens from last time if the next stewards want to use them, they could be painted in a different way perhaps.

Ludwig: If we go ahead and book the venue and confirm the date, we could start advertising soon. We should look to confirm a proposal in the December meeting, given we are unlikely to hold a meeting in January 2021.

Griete: Should we pre-book the same venue for Winter Event/BA 2021? (General approval)

Eleanor: I will email Sophie right now and confirm St Valentine’s, and ask about a Saturday in June 2021.

8. Other Business:

Canterbury Faire (Ludwig):
I have delegated to William de Cameron the task of finding a camp steward from the list of people who are camping in Ildhafn. There will be money to sort out for transport subsidies, but we can talk about that at the December meeting.

Heavy Trophy (Sympkyn):
This has been ordered, that’s why I need the high-quality image as the one we originally supplied to the engraver wasn’t good enough. I will follow this up and plan to get it sorted before Summer Event.

Griete: Can next Stuff Day be about garb making because there is at least one new person wanting to make garb for CF.

Sympkyn: We are planning to have the Baronial BBQ the evening of that Stuff Day, as weekends in December are already becoming scarce.

Griete: We also talked about getting people together for a fabric shopping mission. I will ask for expressions of interest and try to organise something for 28 November.

9. Date of next meeting: 5 December 2020

10. Meeting closed at 13.52pm

Minutes written by Elyna Delynor.

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