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Royal Visit Manciolino Tourney

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on May 4, 2011 - 10:40am

For the rapier tourney at the Royal Visit we had playing:

King Gabriel, Don William, Don Emrys, Baron Benedict, Lord Ludwig

The tourney was round-robin with three passes each, but we also made use of some references in Manciolino to scoring points against an opponent.  He says that a head is worth 3 points and a foot is worth 2.  Presumably anything else scores 1.  We borrowed Meyer's definition of the "foot" to mean anything below the knee.  Manciolino also says that a combatant, if struck, may still make a counter-attack using no more than a passing step.  So not only must the fencer strike his opponent, he must also recover safely to avoid his opponent also getting points.

At the end, the scores were fairly close, with His Majesty and Emrys fighting a tie-breaker for second place.  The overall winner was William.

I, at least, enjoyed myself and I thought this format worked well.  William bringing his new flamberge longsword added to the fun.  One thing I would change next time is that if multiple hits occur during a pass, e.g. touch to the arm followed by touch to the head,  then only the highest scoring hit counts.  The first time this situation came up I arbitrarily decided that only the first hit counted.


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I enjoyed this format, as a spectator. It looked like you were all having fun; the range of styles and weapons added a lot of interest. Nice work!