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Eyelets & Entertainment

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on November 13, 2011 - 8:45pm

I was the only attendee doing any sewing today, as I worked my way down yet another row of eyelets for the new court dress that I'm making. It was boring and tedious, however, my eyelets are significantly better worked and faster to work than they used to be. I guess that's what happens when you make hundreds of them.

Eleanor managed to get in a little light tablet weaving, working on some more of her lovely brocaded band from Anna Neuper's Modelbuch of 16th century designs - it's coming up absolutely beautifully and she's now worked a few more repeats of the pattern.

Fortunately, to keep me entertained throughout the seemingly endless task, Ludwig and Eleanor put on a rapier show in the garden. When Ludwig landed a hit, Eleanor squeaked, which we all agreed was very cute. However, Ludwig seemed most intent on impaling himself on Eleanor's blade, which was also fun to watch. It was nice to see the variety of combinations they were trialling out - two swords, sword and dagger, dagger and buckler, etc.

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