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Tuesday night: Giganti

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on March 11, 2014 - 12:00am

Second lesson on early 17th C Italian rapier, following Richard Cullinan's /ibn Jelal's online notes. 

We reviewed the basics of stance and lunge (informed by Capoferro) and of taking the sword (with the point off-line).  Taking the sword was practised first in response to the partner extending the sword (this makes it easier to judge) and then with the partner remaining in guard (this requires judging where the blade would be in the partner lunged).

Next we combined taking the sword with lunging (masks on for this exercise): extend the arm to take the sword, then lunge, turning the hand into fourth (on the inside line) or second (on the outside line) once the weight has shifted forwards (before stepping).  Turning the hand brings the point on-line.

Then we practised parrying (pushing the point across to close the line) in response to a lunge, and counter-lunging on the partner's recovery.

Finally, we introduced the cavazione (disengage), to regain the line by swapping inside/outside.  Key here is to perform the cavazione before the partner's weapon is so close that you must disengage around their guard.

Rick's video is here:

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