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Schedule - proposal

Friday May 1

Garb optional - no stress about changing as soon as you arrive.

Dinner will be available whenever people arrive, even the wee small hours.

For those of the populace who are not engaged in serious matters, there'll be a light-hearted quiz about Lochac, the SCA, and the middle-ages.


Arts and Sciences and Archery in the morning, Crown Tournament in the afternoon, a Victory Feast early in the evening, then a bonfire for late-night revelry. Entertainments and performances scattered through the day.


A rapier tournament (tentative) and meetings in the morning; possibly more archery; and a quick pack-up after lunch.

Tentative schedule for May Crown - last updated March 22nd, 2014

Friday the 1st (garb optional)
4:30pm  Site opens for setup-crew No early arrivals are permitted. Another group may be using the site until 4pm.
5:30pm Site opens for populace  


Dinner will also be available throughout the evening for those who arrive on site late.


Quiz night - light-hearted, garb-optional entertainments for the populace.

Lists open.

Plenty of room for more formal meetings with entrants if the Crown desire it (e.g. time and space to show passports, cards, etc).



Saturday the 2nd - Tournament!
 8am  breakfast    
 9am    Arts and Sciences Competition - judging  
 10am  Armour inspections open; list field available for warm-up  Arts and Sciences Display - open for populace to view  Archery
 11:30am  Invocation court  
 noon  lunch    
 12:30pm  Armour-up, warm-up    

Crown Tournament


Investiture Court

(3 1/2 hour slot for tournament and court)


5pm  prepare for feast    
 5:30pm  Victory Feast          
late  Bonfire and Revelry  Feast left-overs will be delivered to the revellers between 11 and midnight  


Sunday the 3rd
 8am  breakfast  Meetings
 10am  Rapier Tournament 
 noon  lunch, closing court 
 1pm  pack-up   
 3pm  site closes - all off site by 3pm