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Former Blue Lymphad Honoured at Battys

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 5, 2014 - 7:24pm

The Battys

It was Lochac Heraldry's night of nights, when Karl Faustus ("Fruitbat") von Aachen, Crux Australis Herald, updated his website.  Heralds from across the Kingdom were not there and had no idea it was taking place.

Among the evening's surprises was Ildhafn's own Ludwig von Regensburg taking out the prize for Herald. 

"Ludwig...was unique among branch heralds for the wit, wisdom and wonder of his reports", said Crux Karl the Magnificent.
"He has been of great value to the office of Crux because of the example he has given, as well as the work he has done.  He did something that very few others do: he made my
predecessor and me look forward to reporting season.  He is no longer serving as Blue Lymphad, but I promote him to the rank of Herald now, better late than never."

One of the reasons for the surprising nature of this award was that Ludwig had not previously achieved the rank of Pursuivant.  Sources close the Herald attribute this to his life long battle with "getting his shit together".

Tributes Pour In

"W00t, Ludwig !  Huzzah !!", said Kazimira Astrolabe.

Mistress Katherina Weyssin recalled Ludwig's early heraldry, "...not an outcome I'd have
predicted in his days of youthful exuberance and fiery indiscretion.  Clearly perfectly-timed exuberance, and witty indiscretion are far superior."

Instead, Master William de Wyke preferred to focus on Ludwig's possible future output: "Have fun!"

The Road to Success

As Blue Lymphad, Ludwig became known for reports featuring flowery introductions and an eccentric preference for referring to himself in the third person.  But it was perhaps the co-option of comic book imagery that left the reader not entirely convinced of the author's grasp on reality.

When asked if he had any plans don the Blue and White Lycra again in the future, he replied that he would first need to lose some weight and, possibly, sanity.  But he does "miss the shouting".

Ludwig's heraldic reports have been previously recognised by Their Majesties Felix and Eva  with his admission to the Order of the Taillifer.  Observers believe this to be a unique achievement.

Other Promotions

Others taking away Battys that night were Dareios Ross, Declan of Drogheda, Gunther Boese, Amelot "Cold Case Herald" de Akeney and Thyri skjaldmaer who received promotions to Pursuivant; and Padraig Lowther and ffride wlffsdotter who were promoted to Herald.