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CF chores list, 2014

One camp chore and one or two food chores per person. Feel free to swap if the times don't suit you. 

Katherina will bring a large print-out to CF, and keep it somewhere obvious about the camp (inside the lid of a chest, probably). Cross out and replace names if you swap once you're on site.

Each person's chores

(People with no camp chores aren't camping with us; people with no food chores aren't eating with us). 

  Food chore 1 Food Chore 2 Camp Tidy-up Extras meals
Katherina Weyssin Weds breakfast cleanup Weds night cleanup Sunday evening cook for weekends, food buying, logistics 12
William de Cameron Tues breakfast cleanup Weds night cleanup Wednesday evening cook for weekends, food buying, logistics 12
Eleanor Hall 1st Saturday dinner cleanup   Monday evening   5
Vettoria di Giovanni Weds dinner cook  - - buying food 2
Katherine of Glastonbury  -  - Monday morning   -
Edward Braythwayte 6 brekkies (brekkies) Thursday evening food buying, transporting gear, cook 7
Lisbet first Sunday breakfast cleanup   Friday evening   2
Alyenora Thurs breakfast cleanup  - - B&B, transporting gear 11
Rudiger last Saturday breakfast cleanup  - - B&B, transporting gear 11
Emrys Twdr first Sunday dinner cleanup Monday breakfast cleanup Tuesday evening unpacking storage unit 11
Caterina Nuova first Sunday lunch - set out stuff   Tuesday morning   5
Christine Bess Duvaunt last Sunday breakfast cleanup   Thursday evening   5
Greg Tortouse Sunday lunch cleanup   -   5
Brian de Caffa first Sunday breakfast cleanup   Saturday morning   2
Janelle (help Brian)  - (help Brian) Child 2
Lucas (help Brian)  - (help Brian) Child 2
Elizabeth Braythewayte  -  - Wednesday morning   -
Jess (help William)  - (help William) Child 3
Ginevra Visconti Friday breakfast cleanup  - -   6
Ludwig von Regensburg Sunday dinner cleanup   Friday morning   3


Meal chores, day by day

Everyone has one meal chore. Those who are eating many meals may have several.


Collect washing-up water (from tap or previously-filled shower bag); heat if you need to; wash all the dishes; dry them and pack them, and the washing-gear, in the chest. If you want to you can also put out water for people to wash their own dishes (and put it away afterwards). 

First Sunday lunch:

See William and Katherina Sunday morning to check which food needs to go out. Set out food - bread, salad, cheese, etc - on table under sunshade at about noon; tell people lunch is ready. 

  Cook Clean-up 1 Clean-up 2 # eating
Saturday dinner  - Eleanor - 12
Sunday breakfast William and Katherina Lisbet Brian 13
Sunday lunch Caterina N (with instructions) Greg   9
Sunday dinner William and Katherina Ludwig  Emrys 11
Monday breakfast Ed Emrys - 7
Tuesday breakfast Ed William - 7
Wednesday breakfast Ed Katherina - 9
Wednesday dinner Vettoria Katherina William + Jess 5
Thursday breakfast Ed Alyenora - 8
Friday breakfast Ed Ginevra - 7
Saturday breakfast Ed Rudiger - 7
Sunday breakfast William and Katherina Christine anyone free 12

* - would like to swap for another time

Cooks and food buyers: William and Katherina, Edward, Vettoria

Site-chores, day by day

Everyone has one chore. In addition, I am sure everyone who is on site will help with set-up and pack-up, as usual.

Morning tidy-up: sometime before about 10am. Evening tidy-up: sometime between about 5pm and midnight.

Tidy the common area of the campsite: the tables, under the sunshade, etc. Take bottles and rubbish to the bins by the Mong. Dispose of any food scraps and/or half-drunk booze. Put stray gear in the "lost and found" spot (probably one of the chests). Make sure there's enough space on the tables and chairs for people to use them. 

In theory, you'll find nothing to do. We all clean up after ourselves, after all.

  Morning tidy up Evening tidy up
Sunday - Katherina W
Monday Katherine of G Eleanor
Tuesday Caterina N Emrys
Wednesday Elizabeth William (and Jess)
Thursday Christine Edward
Friday Ludwig Lisbet

Brian (and Janelle and Lucas)


* - would like to swap for another time