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Yay for singing!

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on September 1, 2013 - 6:48pm

Yet another good practise. Today we started to learn how to pick our notes out from one starting note, and did some exercises playing with moving up and down a scale. It was hard work, but also fun and interesting.

We sang:

  • Jubilate Deo - swapping around who was paired up, and who sang alone
  • Contrapunto Bestiale - we even tried this without the sheet music - and it wasn't a ginormous disaster!
  • Rodrigo Martinez - we seem to have memorised this pretty well now
  • Lady Come Down - everyone's getting the hang of this nice, simple round
  • Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno - some solid work put in on the base line, and on timing for the speedy sopranos
  • My Love Hath Vowed - ramming speed; it's been a while since we looked at it!
  • Margot Labourez les Vignes - for most of us it had been a while since we sange this piece, for others it was completely new and had the challenge of French words to pronounce as well as the tune to learn

In attendance were Katherina Weyssin, William de Cameron, Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (Caterine de Vantier), Anna de Wilde, Eleanor Hall, Emrys Twdr, Cicilia Lyon.

The toddler announced to the gathered crowd that she would not sing, and proceeded accordingly.