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Pavana Matthei, and Allegrezza

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on August 30, 2013 - 10:33am

Four of us tonight, and another fairly intense session.


A good warm-up, as always. Last night we danced to the faster music on the CD Alta Danza.

Pavana Matthei

A couple of times through the whole dance to improve retention and refine the spacing. Then some more focussed work on the women's mutanze: dancing them repeatedly opposite our partners, alternating mutanze and passeggio, to get used to dancing in a different rhythym to your partner. Then a long session working the man's first mutanza into our heads and our feet.

The whole dance is on my website.

For quick reference, the man's first mutanza is here too:

  1. 2 passi in gagliarda, LR, cadenza with left foot behind
  2. repeat 1. on right: 2 passi in gagliarda RL, cadenza with right foot behind
  3. repeat 1. and 2. (so a total of four sets of "kick, kick, jump")
  4. campanella, 2 beats: swing left foot backwards, then forwards
  5. 2 fioretti, LR
  6. 2 riccacciate, LR
  7. cadenza, end with left foot behind

Lioncello Vecchio (for two)

Once through Lioncello to the more familiar music (from the CD Forse che si, forse che non); then twice through to new music (from the CF Alta Danza).

Both are lovely, and entirely danceable. Forse che si, forse che non is perhaps a little easier - and not just for familiarity - as the contrapassi are more clearly cued in the music.

Allegrezza d'Amore

A cascarda for three that we worked on intensely last week. This week we danced it several times to confirm it in our memory, and confirm that we still like our current reconstruction.

The passi scorsi still need work, but otherwise it's solid.

Lioncello Novo (for three)

A last attempt for the evening. Not perfect, but more clearly remembered than we'd expected.

Present: William de Cameron, Katherina Weyssin, Anna de Wilde, Katherine of Glastonbury


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