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Contingency Plans

Drop-dead deputies

Because anyone can get gastro.

All essential staff members have (or will have) a drop-dead deputy who doesn't live, work or travel with them (so is unlikely to be incapacitated by the same mishap), who could take over all their duties in an emergency (i.e. will have the skill, time, and background information).

See the "people" page for the details. The few gaps will be filled closer to the event.

When stewards are busy

William, Katherina and Anna will be occupied in peerage meetings for a reasonable chunk of Sunday morning. Ludwig will act as Steward in that period.

William, Katherina and Anna are all engaged in making the feast happen on Saturday night. They'll have helpers, so any one (or two) can duck out for a few minutes. They'll have a standby lined up, who is not otherwise committed for the evening, to deal with anything more time-consuming that crops up (e.g. blocked drain, late arrivals).

Other possible mishaps, and tentative plans

Bad weather: move tournament indoors

An indoor Tournament would be a little less scenic, and we'd have to move some furniture; but it would be no disaster.

We've held a fencing tournament in this hall (it rained at the Bloth).

The particle-board floor is not in such fine condition that fighting causes damage, though fighters would have to exercise a little care in falling. The ceiling is high, and there's space for an adequate list-field, spectators, list-keeper, etc. Our list field functions equally well indoors and out, and can be moved and re-assembled in 15 minutes or less.

The hall is heated: there's a log-burner in one corner, and the site supplies wood.

Parking runs out

The custodian has indicated that, at a pinch, we could park extra cars on the playing field (as we've done before).

Crown unable to attend

Proceed without them (with permission, if contactable). Baron and Baroness Ildhafn act in their place, within reason?

Crown much delayed

See above. Baron and Baroness, and/or Seneschal, perform their duties as appropriate until they arrive. Delay Tournament until Sunday morning if that will help, swapping it with other scheduled activities.

Substantial number of attendees delayed or unable to come (e.g. major airport closed, gastro outbreak, etc)

Delay tournament if necessary until Sunday morning (e.g. if many entrants are arriving late). Proceed as planned, if possible.

Site suddenly unavailable (e.g. flooding, earthquake, etc)

Try the following, in order:

  • Alternative site at Muriwai (sister-site to Hunua Falls, owned by the same people, on other side of Auckland metro area)
  • Camp Adair (comparable site, near Hunua Falls)
  • Motu Moana (camp in Auckland, ok facilities)
  • Camp Sladdin (camp near Hunua Falls, not great facilities, small)
  • some combination of bunking/billeting/tournament-in-a-park/feast in local hall/marae-style accommodation in hall or community-centre

Consider hiring a mini-bus for the weekend to transport people to an unexpected site.