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To-do list, ideas and scribbles

Shared note-book for the stewarding team - scribble at will.



  • Feast service
    • behind credenza, in server area, tape up
      • menu - preferably annotated with the distinguishing features of each dish
      • schedule
      • entertainment schedule
      • chores list for dishwashers + washing priorities for each course
      • list of people with dietary reqs
      • layout of hall, so location of above can be flagged; with service groups, etc.
    • plus also - water for servers and those plating
    • food for servers and those plating (stuff that keeps fingers clean)
    • Screen off/hide the area behind credenza to create more space for plating, as servery is was pushed for space when plating for 50 people at a feast.
    • pens
    • notepaper
    • torch?
    • lip balm
    • napkin/wipes
    • clock - preferably with visible display (i.e. not cell-phone you have to check)
  • "spare" tables behind/to sides of high table, for attendants to remove dishes to during raising of cloths; also for storing HT feast gear after washing but before service of course, etc - keep table clear of dirty dishes except when in use
  • kids table
  • chair in quiet corner for feast cook
  • narrow bench in front of / just under high table, or kneeling cushions, for those talking to people on HT
  • door of royal room: as well as suitable signage (e.g. "Royal Chambers") add one with "to make an appointment with Their Majesties talk to [name of chamberlaine][photo of chamberlaine]; to have an item included in court talk to [name of herald in charge][photo of herald]".
  • tokens: napkins? buttons? (talk to Ed?)
  • bag of ice, as well as usual first-aid kit
  • "chronicler" for tournament, to inform rest of kingdom
  • approach others to lend banners - Ludwig
  • invite site-managers to attend feast
  • experiment more with oil for lighting
  • annotated map of region with medical centre, bank, etc
  • ask custodian about stakes in ground (tent pegs are ok)
  • ask custodian about animals on site (horses, dogs, etc)
  • tokens: ask for ideas on Ildhafn list
  • chase people for payment at fortnightly intervals, closer near event. At close of bookings, those who haven't paid get 5 days or booking cancelled (with notice)
  • Have two months to report, but that period contains Christmas and CF. Get it done in November. Collect receipts at event where possible (or have them scanned before event).
  • Booking confirmation from steward includes submission number as reference for reeve
  • Bonfire: table with large water container by bonfire
  • Add water bearers to chores list
  • Eleanor to have complete plating plan during feast, so she can prioritise washing without needing to consult Anna
  • trumpeter!
  • Bank cash on Saturday, if anyone suitable is going to Papakura (nearest kiwibank)

To add to proposal

  • transport: Isabel's horse float
  • rationale/evidence for budget items
  • infrastructure (QM gear, list field, sunshades, etc)
  • dealing with cash/gate
  • rationale for finding rest of cooks later
  • split feast budget into portions; also lunch (talk to Vettoria)
  • spiffiness of our list field

Things to make or do

(These aren't necessarily just for November Crown, but they're things we want done by November Crown.)

  • list field:
    • drill remaining oct holes
    • taper ends of poles
    • score poles with depth gauges
    • second drift
    • more banner poles
    • canvas roll/bag for accoutrements
    • print and laminate diagrams and pole-numbers for common set-up patterns
    • "how-to" write up
  • site signage ("this way to archery field" etc)
  • flags for dietary reqs
  • re-paint SCA signs, add second pig-tail so they can't rotate
  • stencil lymphads on curtains?
  • engrave/label ALL remaining kitchen and service gear
  • printed inventories for kitchen stuff - check in and out
  • hooks behind credenza
  • stamp napkins? (same stamps as Midwinter 2010)
  • silk flowers?

Things to acquire

(These aren't necessarily just for November Crown, but they're things we want by November Crown.)

  • extra mallet for list field; also tent pegs; also club hammer for pegs
  • tool-kit for plating - set ladles, etc, just for plating room
  • smaller feast service
    • bowls - smallish soup bowl - "stew for four"
    • small platters - credenza course for four
    • tablespoons - serving stew etc at table
    • teaspoons - serving sauces at table
    • tiny bowls (mong cup sized) - serving sauce to table - maybe investigate what sauces were served in?
    • consider reducing numbers of large ladles, large serving spoons?
  • service set for high table - "gold service"
  • napkins
  • baskets
  • personal serving towels for William and Katherina
  • brass ewering kit (again, probably personally owned) (have ceramic already)
  • more/new SCA signs?