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Guildmaster Emrys

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on April 7, 2013 - 6:53pm

Prize result: Emrys is a Guildmaster.

Be it known to all here that profess skill at arms that we the Body of Guildmasters, did issue leave and licence to Provost Emrys Tudor, to play his Guildmasters Prize against all Guildmasters in their subtle mystery at these weapons, viz Sword & Buckler, Longsword, Rapier & Cloak, Case of Rapier, Rapier & Parrying Gauntlet, Rapier & Dagger, and Rapier. Said Provost was present upon the field at Rowany Festival at the allotted time on Sunday afternoon, and was examined by Guildmasters ibn Jelal, Owain Cantor ap Hughe, Dameon Greybeard, Henry Fox, Silfren the Singer, Caleb Adolphus and William Blackwood.

After due consideration, his examiners did decide that the Prize had been achieved, and did elevate Emrys to the rank of Guildmaster. The new Guildmaster was presented in Court to our Patrons Felix & Eva, Crown of Lochac, where he did receive Guildmaster ibn Jelal's black scarf as a symbol of his new rank.

Long Live the Crown of Lochac.