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Chatelaine's Notebook

This page is the informal "Notebook of Office" of the Chatelaine. It might include current plans, or notes for the next chatelaine.

The Chatelaine's office is very important because they are often the first point of contact for newcomers and visitors. Their main role is to respond to contacts via the website/e-mail, passing details on to other officers where relevant. They need to be a friendly face at events, ensuring that newcomers and visitors feel welcomed to the Barony.

The Chatelaine is also responsible for the Barony's collection of loaner garb and feast gear (Gold Key), though this can be delegated to a Gold Key deputy. The Gold Key currently consists of 2 plastic storage bins and 1 cane box of garb, plus a small basket of accessories, as well as 1 large basket of feasting gear.

When taking over the office of Chatelaine, the new officer can expect to receive one small cane box with advertising materials, clipboards, and event sign-in forms. It is useful to keep this topped up to take it to every event or demo.

From the webwright:

As well as their other duties, the Ildhafn Chatelaine is responsible for maintaining the Newcomers Pages and collection of advertising material on the Ildhafn website (this can be delegated to someone else).

When you take office, check the webwright's notes for new offices, and check the part of the website you're responsible for to see if it needs improvement.