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Ildhafn Fencing Championship

Submitted by William de Cameron on November 16, 2012 - 10:05pm

Greetings all!Fencers
The Ildhafn Baronial Fencing Championship tournament will once again be held at St Catherine's Faire, which is now only two weeks away.

The Champion should demonstrate honour, prowess, and diversity of skill. Therefore, numbers permitting, the tournament shall be a round-robin, best-of-three format.

- You must use a different weapons combination in each of the three bouts of that round.
- Your weapon combination does not need to match that of your opponent.
- Double kills shall be re-fought, with the same weapons (i.e., it does not count as a new bout)
- Non-Ildhafn/Cluain residents are welcome to enter the tournament: the highest placed Ildhafn or Cluain resident will be appointed Champion.

Armour inspections begin from 9, or as soon after as is reasonably possible for everyone to have had breakfast. The tournament itself begins at 10.
(The schedule for the event can be found HERE)

Please ensure that you have your authorisation card with you, and that your equipment is in good order. None of the marshals wish to be in the situation of telling someone that their gorget is not up to standard and there being no time to make repairs. If you don't have a current fencing authorisation, please try to get it done before the event. There may not be time on the day to do authorisations!