Dona Nobis Pacem


Dona Nobis Pacem is a favourite for group singing. We've sung at assorted social gatherings, and Christine led the whole hall in singing it as a round at the Bloth.

Local convention for singing this one:

  1. Sing once through in unison, all three lines
  2. Split into three parts, sing twice through (adding voices with each entry at the beginning, dropping them out at the end).
  3. As the last group sings their last line: they sing alone for the first half ('Dona nobis pacem'), then everyone else joins in, very quietly on "dona nobis", swelling on "pacem".
Who does what: 

It's a round, so everyone learns the same part. If learning the whole piece is too much at first, you can learn just one line and repeat it - it will still sound lovely when singing with a group.

People who know it in Ildhafn include Katherina Weyssin, Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (Caterine de Vantier), Anna de Wilde, Christine Bess Duvaunt, William de Cameron, Eleanor Hall, Katherine of Glastonbury, Serafina di Giovanni Carducci, Emrys Twdr, Cicilia Lyon.


There are midis with Cecilia's song book.

There are many recordings on YouTube

Sheet Music: 

There is sheet music, and a little history, on the wikipedia page. It's also in the Big Lochac Snogbook (pdf, p 29), and Cecilia's song book.

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