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Event Report: St John's

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on October 11, 2012 - 2:00pm

From the Steward

Thank you to all who came to St John's - it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see you all again, especially those whose presence has been missed for some time.

Combat was fought, boasts were made, fine food was consumed, and music and A&S held the interest of many.

Court saw the presentation of several baronial awards (announcements forthcoming), the announcement of a discussion period for the new prospective Reeve (Lord Willim de Bredin), the presentation of the Seneschal's Warrant (a little delayed), and an invitation from the Shire of Adora to attend their hosting of the November Crown Tourney.  

Lady Caterine de Vantier issued a challenge to the populace, accompanying the penance of His Excellency Rudiger and Lord Robert of Knightsbridge, as assigned by the Seneschal at St Sebastians - details here:

Victories were had all over the show

  • The Golden Peacock single-combat tourney was won by Lord Grimr of Thornby, victorious in the last round over His Excellency Sir Inigo Missaglia
  • The Resplendent Peacock award for "best Heavy field or heraldic appearance" went to Sir Inigo, for being dagged-and-heraldic-with-bravado.
  • The Archery was won by Airka Eóganachta Mór; he received a fine silver plate (donated by Hakon de Falcon; our thanks).
  • The Resplendent Peacock award for "best Light Combat field or heraldic appearance" went to Mark of Plymouth, in recognition of his finely-made and well-maintained archery kit.

The victors and prizes for the Children's Archery were as follows:

THIRD: Zoltan, son of Baldwin (Coin of the Realm, and Coin of Cacao)
SECOND: Paul, nephew of Mark Archer (a simple bracer, donated by Phillip of Cluain; our thanks)
FIRST: Following the disqualification of Master Brian di Caffa (he was over the height requirement), the victor was Phillip of Cluain (a tooled bracer and medallion, donated by himself)

The victors and prizes for the Children's Boffer were as follows:

UNDER FIVE YEARS: Benjamin, son of Baldwin (a "stained-glass" King Arthur colouring book, donated by the Steward)
SIX TO NINE YEARS: Zoltan, son of Baldwin (a moss-stuffed, hand-stitched leather ball, donated by Lady Elizabeth Braythwayte; our thanks)
TEN TO TWELVE YEARS: Seth of Knightsbridge (an all-purpose knife, donated by Hon. Lord Edward Braythwayte; our thanks)

The boasting and yarn-spinning was loud and enthusiastic; thanks to all those who joined in and entertained us during the Feast.

ADULTS: Lady Florence of Knightsbridge, whose counter-boast was eloquent and true (an etched Celtic Crystal hot toddy glass, donated by the Steward)
CHILDREN: Tab of Cluain, whose tale of taming, and then rampaging with, the "Dreaded Minotaur" was both dramatic and boastful (a fine velvet flat cap, donated by Lady Christine Bess Duvant; our thanks)

I'd like to offer special thanks to the Stewarding team - Lady Cassia (deputy steward), Lady Maerwynn (Meal plan cook), Lord Androu (Feast Cook), and Lord Svartr (Marshal-in-Charge).  You guys were great; thanks for all the effort and planning.

Thanks also to those who provided valuable services on the day - Their Excellencies of Ildhafn (being Baronial), the Wulfings (entertainment), Lady Katherine Xavier (kitchen help above-and-beyond), Lady Christine (A&S, kitchen help above-and-beyond, and prize donation), Lord Ludwig (heralding and entertainment), Don William (marshalling assistance), Her Excellency Cecilia and Her Excellency Alexandra (Lists), and Hon. Lord Edward and Lady Elizabeth (prize donation & background A&S).

Extra-special thanks to those who were only rostered on for normal duties, but who wound up doing so much more - the Wulfings (especially Lyulf, Airka, Albert, and Hakon), Josh, Jenn, and anyone else my feeble mind has failed to remember.

I'm still pretty tired, and have undoubtedly forgotten someone, somewhere.  My apologies and thanks in that case.

In service,

~ Serafina di Giovanni Carducci