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A&S First Sunday for September

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on September 2, 2012 - 10:49pm

This afternoon's A&S happened at Birkdale Community House, which is also used regularly for dance practices. It was ungarbed, with a potluck dinner. Everyone enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, with a great variety of activities taking place.

Eleanor used her new sleeve pattern to make a practical set of straight sleeves to wear with her day-to-day garb, so that she'll be toasty & warm at St John's. She also continued to attach the sleeve caps to the bodice of her Venetian gown. It's great to see her progress, and the finished dress promises to look stunning.

Bobbin lace was in evidence again, with Katherina working on another very pretty piece - no doubt the write up for it will appear on her bobbin lace page soon. I continued working through the lace sampler piece, finally actually finishing it! Leah, after some encouragement, also began working on the sampler piece and now appears to be hooked - no doubt her sister Nicki (also keen to try it out) will soon follow!

I taught a class on candy making - the candy testing side of this was especially popular. The pan was a little hotter to work with than normal as I was working on a gas burning element, but everyone had a go at stirring the candies.

Katherina had also brought along her new wooden flutes, which were eagerly tried out by Eleanor. William de Wyck later had a go on one of the modern flutes.

Of course, lately it just wouldn't be an A&S afternoon without some singing. Dona Nobis Pacem made a lovely piece to warm up to, and we continued to work on Contrapunto Bestiale - this time with Cecilia joining me on the first soprano line! It sounds like Katherina has some exciting ideas for things to work on to strengthen our singing as a group, which we're all looking forward to as well.

Ludwig had brought along his latest brews for us to sample. The oat beer was enjoyed by all, albeit with a degree of surprise from some - however, it was a tasty, flavoursome beer. The ale, being much sweeter, met with varying reactions - astonishingly enough, I actually found it a little too sweet for my palate (although I could see it working really well as a dessert accompaniment). The good news is that Ludwig still has much beer that he wants to try making - and I'm sure we'll all continue to be more than happy to act as taste testers, given the excellent quality of the results to date!

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