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Council Minutes - 26th of August 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on August 27, 2012 - 8:16pm
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 Ildhafn Council Meeting for August 2012

Present: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Nicola Haliday (Marshal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Patrick Bowman (Herald), David Robb (Webwright), Katherine Davies (Steward for St Cath's)

Apologies: Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Chantelle Gerrard (A&S Officer)

Meeting opened: 7.30pm


Reports received online: Reeve, Marshal, Herald, Webwright, A&S, Chatelaine


Quarterly report as requested from Crux.

Your SCA name
Ludwig von Regensburg
- Your mundane name
Patrick Bowman
- Your local SCA group
Barony of Ildhafn
- Confirmation that you are the officially appointed herald of your
- The date, if any, after which you expect to step down.
None as yet, but I've done my two years, so I would be keen to hand over early next year.


Quarterly report given as requested

Web Address:

Officer Details:
Name:  David  Robb
SCA Name: William de Cameron

Membership No: 143683
Expiry Date:   Nov 2014



Issues / Concerns:
Migrating our gallery from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is possibly going to be an issue, due to a lack of a functional Gallery2 module for Drupal 7 at present.

Largely, content generation is being taken care of by other people, leaving me to act in an editorial/janitorial role. This is excellent :)

A and S

A&S officer: Chantelle Gerrard (Christine Bess Duvaunt)

Membership number :1088, exp Oct 31, 2014

I would also like to thank Nadia Benton for being my deputy while I was away and attending the council meeting.


Arts and Sciences are still happening on a regular Sunday basis

The personal projects page on the Ildhafn website is continually being used.

There was a demonstration at the Winter Warmup from the Capriol Renaissance dancers, and Katherine is quite chuffed with this as we have been asked back now 3 times in a row.

The bloth was fantastic, there were continuous performances from both ildhafn and and cluain, and Elizabeth Braithwaite and myself were awarded gifts from the baron and baroness for our contributions. There was singing, dancing, music, amazing outfits, beautiful food and many other forms of a and s on display. We had seven new people attend (who are keen to come back) and some old friends from the Metal weapon groups attend who used to be regulars at events like these.

We also had a visit for the week from Gregory Tortuse, he was well received and even found time to come to dance practice and play his trumpet, and join us on both a and s Sundays where he played music and sang.

Regular A&S meetings:

- Dancing, Thursday evenings, split between beginner's and by invitation.

- Sewing, Sunday afternoons, also room for "Shed"-type projects.

- big A and S first Sunday of the month which we have revised, and we will be planning a big gathering at a school hall in September as discussed at the council meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • Big A and S sunday in september

  • A ball is being planned for the 10th November

  • St johns in Cluain

  • Saint Catherine’s Faire in the last weekend of novemember

Current Projects

The populace continues to use the web page/blog on the Ildhafn site to post their current projects.

Forementioned projects in other reports are still coming along

Angela made herself a beautiful black kirtle to wear to GNW.

Emerus is practicing his violin to be ready for the ball at Canterbury Faire and him and I are occasionally practicing together at his house

And we have set up with Amalia (southron Guard) a link on the booking form for Canterbury faire to an email that will alert myself and Katherine about all the populous that are keen to play music, so we can then organize them well ahead of schedule and get everyone practicing before hand.

I am half way to completing my version of the Christina of Denmark outfit, and I am helping to pattern William De Wick a 15 century outfit.

Elanore (Nichola) is going well with her dress and  (Shannon Wanty) is still keeping her on track

We have been doing A LOT of music both with Katherine and I at her house, and with the barony on Sundays – many songs are being learnt!



Rapier on Ildhafn City is still ongoing without concern.  We continue to have regular Wednesday evening classes that are often attended by 2-6 people.  We have moved on from Meyer and have returned to Italian rapier.

 I have had no reports of any rapier activity in Cluain

 No injuries, compliance issues or anything of concern to report.


Archery appears to be ongoing in Cluain.

 No injuries, compliance issues or anything of concern to report.


Heavy in Ildhafn city is still not happening – we have no interest at this time.

 Heavy in Cluain is ongoing.  At this time I am unsure of exact number of participants as I have not been receiving reports from the Canton Marshal.  I will be asking for regular reports from now on due to recent activities in the Canton.

A matter was referred to the Earl Marshall and the situation dealt with at that level.


Æsa Hrölfsdöttir
Wendy Rowsell
SCANZ Mship No. 82626, exp 31 July 2015
End of Office Date: 12 April 2011

2. What I did last quarter:

I have sorted through all of the Gold Key garb with the help of our Seneschal and others. This hadn’t been done for several years. I passed on a lot of items that we didn’t require to the Canton of Cluain. We also went through the large amount of feast kit we had and donated a lot to a charity store.

I had an e-mail contact from a person interested in rapier so I passed his details on to our Marshall and the person who organises the rapier practises. I was very pleased that both of them responded to his e-mail within an hour of me sending it! This meant that this person attended the next practise and even came along to our midwinter feast a couple of weeks later.

I had earlier had a phone call from someone trying to reach a contact person in the Barony of Southron Gaard, but they had no phone numbers listed anywhere on their website. I had to do an urgent e-mail to their mailing list as I couldn’t find a phone number anywhere either!

4. Major good things to report:

We had several newcomers attend our midwinter feast. I’m not too sure whether any of these people have been attending any regular practises/meetings though as I haven’t been able to make it to any lately.

5. What I plan to do next quarter:

Contact all the newcomers that attended the midwinter feast and personally invite them to our next event – St Catherine’s Faire at the end of November.


Since I didn't have a quarterly report due, thought I should update you all on how we're doing financially.

Account balances as follows, looking very healthy:
National Bank Current Account: $4287.79
National Bank Savings Account: $1016.56
Kiwibank Account: $3392.08

The Kiwibank Account has experienced growth as payments for St Cath's start to come in - of course, we have yet to pay anything out for this, so there's probably no actual growth there really.

As we had some payments made to the National Bank Account for the Bloth in spite of only giving out the new account information, I will send an email to the lists to remind people to pay into the new account. This is important, because I'm now actively trying to get the National Bank accounts closed.

I have emailed the National Bank and asked them to tell me exactly what we need to do in order to close the accounts as smoothly and fuss-free as possible. I haven't heard back from them, but will be following up again if I haven't heard back on Monday.

However, given that they have previously required us to have any changes minuted and signed, I would like a statement included in tonight's meeting minutes that we wish to close both of the SCANZ Inc Ildhafn accounts with National Bank. These are the Non Profit Organisation Current Account (06-0583-0692810-00), with balance as of today (26/08/2012) of $4287.79, and the National Bank Ready Saver Account (06-0583-0692810-23), with balance as of today (26/08/2012) of $1016.56. We wish for the entire balance of each account at time of closure to be transferred to the Kiwibank Account SCANZ Inc Barony of Ildhafn (38-9012-0095212-00).

I will print out the minutes and get them signed by all four account signatories - myself (Shannon Wanty), Angela Wells, David Robb, and Patrick Bowman.

Past Events: Nothing to Report

Upcoming Events:

A&S first Sunday of the month: This can't happen at the school hall where Chantelle is working – she needs permission from the Board of Trustees to do this, which won't happen until the end of September at the earliest. Shannon suggested using the Birkdale Community Centre as a possibility in the mean time – Katherine said that the manager is available weekdays between 12pm and 3pm. Angela will phone tomorrow to find out about it. Katherine said we may need to pay normal rates to use it, suggested name dropping the Thursday night dance practices.

Ball: Chantelle is putting together a proposal for a ball that she will send through to the list for approval in about a week's time.

St Catherine's Faire: There are 19 bookings for St Cath's so far, should be easy to make break even. The Royal Visit is confirmed. Cooks are all confirmed. The new booking form is good. The end format to pass onto the relevant people is excellent. Everything's under control.

Bloth 2013: David is looking at putting together a bid for this for next year. Probably a casual Friday night, formal event Saturday, with overnight stay on Friday and Saturday night available. Probably Motu Moana due to the time of year. Pricing probably $80 mark, but this is very tentative. There would probably be some A&S thing, a tournament thing, and a feast thing. It's the 10th anniversary of the group so he would like to make it a bit special. Looking at about a 50 person break even, with 35 person go-ahead-regardless thing. David pointed out that the advantage of Motu Moana would be that it can scale to easily cater for 100(+) if needed. Angela is going to act as deputy steward. The Council likes the idea of the event, and also the idea that there is a number count where we decide to go ahead anyway. 50 person break even is the only way to make Motu Moana an affordable option. David will talk to Motu Moana about site availability this week, and will put together a formal bid. He will look at just using the hall and area that we have normally recently used.

General Business:

Discussion Document re rules: Patrick has forwarded this to the list now, we will discuss it on the List and confirm it at the next Council meeting.

Archery: Someone has been in touch from Selwyn College about the archery butts, however Angela is currently in a game of phone tag with them. Neville wants to get an omni-sport thing going at Selwyn College. He's interested in getting the archery going there, house the stuff, and is happy for us to go along and use the butts, maybe help out with the kids, they're happy to look after them, but we can have access to them still and use them when we want to.

Closure of the National Bank Accounts: As per Shannon's report, we wish to close both of the SCANZ Inc Ildhafn accounts with National Bank. These are the Non Profit Organisation Current Account (06-0583-0692810-00), with balance as of today (26/08/2012) of $4287.79, and the National Bank Ready Saver Account (06-0583-0692810-23), with balance as of today (26/08/2012) of $1016.56. We wish for the entire balance of each account at time of closure to be transferred to the Kiwibank Account SCANZ Inc Barony of Ildhafn (38-9012-0095212-00).

Web Ministry: David has transferred across the Ildhafn mailing list from the Yahoo one. He hasn't been able to transfer the archives yet, but has these on his server.

Another group in the Kingdom has had some issues with sign in forms. This may become more important to the society. David thought that we could potentially scan these forms and put them on the internet as part of protocol. Shannon asked if we could also keep the financial information online in a similar fashion – David thought this would be achievable. He will look at a way that we can do this.