GroupPhotoWelcome to Ildhafn 

We are a medieval and renaissance re-creation club. 

We hold regular events where we  dress like medieval or renaissance people, feast, dance, sing and participate in tournaments. Between events, most of us practice various arts & crafts, and pursue specialised areas of interest such as weaving, dancing, fencing, armouring, sewing, heraldry, shoe-making, book-binding, calligraphy, illumination, music, brewing & cooking. There are few historic crafts that one of us would not have touched on at some time.

New members are welcome, whether you want to become heavily involved, or just have a go once or twice a year.

This website is mainly about the Auckland branch. The website for the Hamilton/Waikato part of the group (the Canton of Cluain) is here. There are links here to other SCA groups in New Zealand, and around the world.

Spiff up your kit - New A&S competition

Is your garb lack-lustre?... your chest rather plain?... your pouch dull? Then add some spiffiness!!!

This is an A&S competition open to everyone in the Barony.

The challenge is to take any piece of existing garb or kit, take a photo of it, and then make it more glorious to behold.

Canterbury Faire

Event Date and Time: 
January 15, 2016 - 9:00am - January 22, 2016 - 2:00pm

The largest annual SCA event in New Zealand, held in Canterbury by the Barony of Southron Gaard; this time combined with the Coronation of a new King and Queen of Lochac.

The Archives

Some of the stories previously featured on our website are archived here so that you can look back through them at your leisure.

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