GroupPhotoWelcome to Ildhafn 

We are a medieval and renaissance re-creation club. 

We hold regular events where we  dress like medieval or renaissance people, feast, dance, sing and participate in tournaments. Between events, most of us practice various arts & crafts, and pursue specialised areas of interest such as weaving, dancing, fencing, armouring, sewing, heraldry, shoe-making, book-binding, calligraphy, illumination, music, brewing & cooking. There are few historic crafts that one of us would not have touched on at some time.

New members are welcome, whether you want to become heavily involved, or just have a go once or twice a year.

This website is mainly about the Auckland branch. The website for the Hamilton/Waikato part of the group (the Canton of Cluain) is here. There are links here to other SCA groups in New Zealand, and around the world.

Music practice on break

With a few people out of the country or otherwise busy, Monday night music practice is taking a couple of weeks off, resuming on July 4th.

Fencing practice on hold until July

A few people are/will be away, so we've decided to put Tuesday night fencing on hold for the rest of June. We will start again on the 5th of July, with plays from Giganti.

Proposed Guidelines for Barony

These are guidelines proposed for running Ildhafn - mostly how meetings work, etc. Comments welcome. We looked over them in the March 2016 meeting, and made a few minor changes.

Bloth Spring Feast

Event Date and Time: 
August 27, 2016 - 6:00pm - 10:30pm

The Bloth returns, as a Spring Feast!

We are pleased to announce the rescheduled Bloth Feast, which will now be held to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Come along and enjoy a delicious Middle Eastern themed feast, cooked by our very own Maheshti al-Barraniya.

Bookings will open very soon: so please save the date, tell your friends, and come along and enjoy great company and great food. You're welcome to dress in middle-Eastern clothing if you have it, but if not, your regular SCA finery will be perfect!

Bal d'Argent and St Catherine's Faire

Event Date and Time: 
November 4, 2016 - 5:30pm - November 6, 2016 - 1:00pm

This event combines Ildhafn's annual camping weekend - St Catherine's Faire - with Lochac's music-and-dance event, the Bal d'Argent.

It will be a fully-catered, with accommodation, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

The majority of the "usual" St Catherine's will run outside: fencing, archery, armoured combat, maybe Arts and Sciences classes.

Meanwhile, in the hall, lounge and chapel there will be dance and music classes and rehearsals throughout the day.

On Saturday night there will be a simple, early dinner, followed by a magnificent ball - the Bal d'Argent - in the hall, and a bonfire under the oak trees. We'll all come together mid-evening for a splendid supper. 

The Archives

Some of the stories previously featured on our website are archived here so that you can look back through them at your leisure.

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