GroupPhotoWelcome to the Barony of Ildhafn 

We are a medieval and renaissance re-creation club, interested in the good parts of pre-1600 history (i.e. we're leaving out the bigotry, sexism, racism and intolerance, not to mention the terrible medical care!).

We hold regular events where we dress like medieval or renaissance people, feast, dance, sing and participate in tournaments. Between events, most of us practice various arts & crafts, and pursue specialised areas of interest such as weaving, dancing, fencing, armouring, sewing, heraldry, shoe-making, book-binding, calligraphy, illumination, music, brewing & cooking. There are few historic crafts that one of us would not have touched on at some time.

New members are always welcome, whether you want to become heavily involved, or just have a go once or twice a year.

This website is mainly about the Auckland branch. We have a sister group which covers Hamilton/Waikato (known as the Canton of Cluain). There are also SCA groups elsewhere in New Zealand, and around the world.


Archery session at Isabell's field on Saturday 6th May


Bring gear if you have it, or contact Nora for some loaner gear (email 

Gold coin donation for borrowing bows or arrows.

Isabell's fields are in Glendene - email Nora for the actual address 

If you are intending to come Nora would appreciate an email, so she can predict numbers.

An evening of courtly music

Join us for an evening of courtly music (and perhaps some less courtly), dance, games, food, diverse performances and excellent company. 

Imagine the atmosphere of a private (but not so private) chamber in a renaissance palace, where courtiers take turns to amuse one another and impress their noble patrons. Some perform, some listen avidly, others prefer to sit further away to converse or play games of chance. There is plentiful, sumptuous food on the sideboards. Sometimes there is dancing as well as music, either a couple showing off their skill, or the whole company joining in.

We welcome everyone

We're an open, welcoming and inclusive club - we don't care what your skin colour is or where you're from, what god(s) you believe in (or don't), what gender you are, or like, or wish to dress as. Our interest is in learning about and having fun with the good bits of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (and the "good bits" definitely do not include the intolerance and bigotry that was all too common through history). 

There's been a recent news article about a group at Auckland University who promote European culture through activities such as medieval reenactments. They're not associated with us or the SCA, and while we see they share our enjoyment of reenactment, we also hope that they share our openness to people of all races and beliefs (and all the other differences that make Auckland a wonderfully cosmopolitan city) joining them.

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