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15th C again

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on August 3, 2012 - 2:50pm

Revision of old favourites in the open class, then rehearsal for the Winter Warm Up in the advanced class.

Present: Eleanor, Emrys, Christine, Katherine of Glastonbury, Anna de Wilde, William de Cameron, Katherina Weyssin

Open class:

  • Rostiboli Gioioso
  • Belfiore
  • Earl of Essex Measure
  • Black Almain

Advanced class / rehearsal:

  • Belfiore
  • Spero
  • La figlia di Guglielmino
  • Amoroso

We had some fun learning (or remembering) how to dance in floor-length flowing 15th century skirts, instead of 16th century skirts that are supported off the floor (at least in front) by a farthingale.

By the end of the evening everything was looking smooth and graceful, but I at least was having some trouble managing my skirt in my first run through La figlia.

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