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more 15th-century Italian

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on June 22, 2012 - 12:50pm

Another lovely evening, and lots of dances. We didn't separate the evening so clearly into two sections as we sometimes do, because we started a bit late and everyone was having fun.

Present: Katherina Weyssin, Caterina Nuova, Christine Bess Duvaunt, William de Cameron, William de Wyke, Anna de Wilde.

We started with several simpler dances:

  • Earl of Essex Measure (taught by Anna)
  • Lorrayne Almain (taught by Anna)
  • Ly Bens Distonys (taught by William de Wyke)

Then a lesson in common fifteenth-century Italian dance steps - sempii, doppii, continentie, riprese - and in how to dance them in bassadanze misura (the slowest rhythm in this style), with ombreggiare and ondeggiare (shoulder-shading and rising-and-falling) to ornament them.

As a drill, we practiced a repeating series of 4 sempii and 3 doppii to the music for the first part of Rostiboli Gioioso.

Then William de Cameron taught the dance Rostiboli Gioioso.

Finally, Anna and William de Cameron practiced Cesarina, which they intend to perform at the Bloth this weekend.

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