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Christine Bess Duvaunt

 1530's Italian dress

Christine's history started in 1999 when it was suggested that I  join a Metal Weapon group while studying Singing at University in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Knights Draconis was a Display Sword Group that shared in dance and music classes in Ildhafn, and took pride in being a household in the SCA, resulting in the frequenting of regular events and practices.

After my very first Saint Catherine's in 1999, I took great pleasure in 'Dual Citizenship' if you will between the two cultures in Auckland and have never looked back.



I have always enjoyed the Costuming side to pre sixteen hundreds research, and this interest has lead to reasearch into many different areas.

Please go to my word press site for write up's on specific pieces of garb and the A and S class notes from the last few years.

I also have a facebook page for my Professional Costuming, on it you will see past shows and pieces of work that I have created


The philosophy I have with any reasearch is to look into the 'before's' and 'after's' of the specific thing you are studying. If you can see where it has come from, and where it has gone (and with garb  - particulary into the cut and construction, ie - seams, the shapes, the fastenings etc) then this helps mould your impression of the article or object.

I also give thought to and read up on as much as I can surrounding what I am re-creating such as looking into:

  • Dancing (movement and ease, type of outfit influencing steps and vice versa)
  • Pregnancy (expanding belly and then breast feeding on demand etc...)
  • Farming/labouring (ie - a back lacing Kirtle? why would you go there if you are getting up at 4am to milk cows....)
  • trade routes (influencing avaliability of materials etc)
  • Food
  • Accessories (they always make an outfit....)
  • Materials (the old names for them, production, uses etc)
  • Foot wear
  • Transport
  • General movement (sitting in a farthingale....and toiletting in one etc)
  • General common sense - what would be a sensible, functional reason for the material choice/ construction
  • Fighting styles and armour
  • Camping / campaign living
  • Fixed dwelling living
  • And many other things that come up along the way


Since 2009 I have made a few self-funded research trips to Europe and the U.K. I have set up a facebook page for Re-enactors that I will be posting to of all my Primary research photos. The link is below.!/pages/Primary-Resources-for-Re-enactment/266200423500451?bookmark_t=page

From the 2010 trip alone I came away with over 9000 photos of pre Roman to mid 1600's Art, Architecture and items and extanct historical costume. 

From the list below if you wish any help with planning to see these places/recommendations etc or visual imagery from them please email me as I am always happy to help.


  • Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Capri)
  • England (Cornwall,  London, Lakes District, Bath, Liverpool and various National Trust properties)
  • Scotland (Edinborough, Sterling)


  • Italy (Piza, Florence)
  • England (London, Cornwall, Liverpool, Bath, Salisbury, Oxford, Nottingham, Poole, Brighton, Avebury, Glastonbury, Warrick, a few others... and various National Trust Properties)
  • Germany (Lubec, Keil, Berlin, Potsdam,Wittemburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Neunberg, Munich, Rothenberg, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Koln, Bonn, Hamburg)
  • Amsterdam


  • England (London, Liverpool,Birmingham, Cornwall, Fountains Abbey, Bess of Hardwicks Estate, Brockhampton Estate, Kennilworth Castle, Warrick, Packwood Estate, Trelice, Little Moreton Hall, East Pool Mine, Polperro, St Ives, Penzance, Old Moseley Hall, Avebury, Uffington (white horse hill) Tintagel, and a few others...
  • Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)
  • Germany (Berlin, Aachen)
  • Maastricht (Art Museum, City Walls self guided walk, Cathedral, Churches)
  • Brussells (Kings Hall, Fine Arts Museum, General sights)
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris (Musee d'orsay, Louvre, Notre Dame, Montmarte...fabric..., Sacre Coeur)


  • New York (The Met, The Cloisters etc)
  • Gettysburg 
  • Boston (Tea museum, Fine Arts Museum)
  • Adelaide Art museum
  • Brisbane Art museum


  • Dublin (various museums etc)
  • Belfast (Ulster museum)
  • Isle of Skye
  • Various parts of the Republic of Ireland

 I Will list the individual Churches, Catherdrals, Kunst Museums (Art museums) Historical sites later, and if you are reading this and require ANY information on them or visual images please contact me.

All of this has been catalogued an ordered into folders by date ie - 1452, 1453, 1454 and so on before and after. these pictures were made available for the price of the CDs and case at Canterbury faire in 2012 and copies have been given/sent to other baronies, if you come accross these Cd's all I ask is that NO PROFIT is made on them if you are copying and sharing, but feel free to take what you need, and please email me as I have said above if you would like a copy of any time period.