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The Bloth Feast Menu

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on June 9, 2012 - 4:50pm

Please find below the menu for the Bloth Feast. It is a late 16th century Italian style feast served in three courses. I am using the majority of the available Italian cooking sources, although I rely primarily on Scappi and Messisbugo; I primarily use the French Nostradamus for my candy recipes.

For those with dietary requirements:

- Any meat dishes have an ^ next to them - there are four in total

- Any dishes containing gluten have an * next to them - there are five in total, although in the case of the onions with garlic sauce the gluten is only in the sauce, the onions themselves are safe to eat as the sauce will be kept separate.

- There is no seafood on the menu

- A full ingredients list will be available on the day

Primo Servitio di Credenza

Biscotti - Biscotti (Scappi V.237 pp533-534)

Olive di Piu Sorte - A selection of olives

Pistachi - Pistachios

Salate di endiuia - Salad of endives (Castelvetro)

Ciambelle stufati con formaggio - Ciambelle filled with cheese (Scappi V.150 p501)*

Mangiar Bianco - white dish (blancmange), made with chicken (Rosselli p10r/v)^

Pastume di porco - pork meat paste (Messisbugo p50r)^

Primo & Ultimo Servitio di Cucina

Pollastri stufati con mandole, con sapor di prugne - Chickens stuffed with almonds, with plum sauce (Scappi II.116 & II.117 pp194-195)^

Brisauoli di schiena di boue alla Venetianna - Beef ribs cooked Venetian style (Scappi II.7 pp136-137)^

Riso con formagio - Cheesy rice dish (Messisbugo p77v)

Torte di Fasoli - Kidney bean pies (Messisbugo p64r)*

Cipollate con agliate, alla Anna de Wilde - Onions with garlic sauce, in the style of Anna de Wilde [she doesn't know it yet, but this dish is right up her alley] (Scappi III.233 p362, II.257 pp266-267) [*sauce only]

Minestra di Ceci Rosa- Chickpea soup (Scappi III.250 p367)

Minestra di Cavoli fiori - Cauliflower soup (Scappi VI.100 p574)

Secondo & Ultimo Servitio di Credenza

Torte di dateri & de mandole - Date & almond tarts (Messisbugo pp72r-73v)*

Tortelletti di Marzapane - Tortellini of marzipan (Scappi V.229 p530)*

Mele & pere di piu sorte - A selection of fresh apples &  pears

Castagne con sale & pepe - Chestnuts with salt & pepper (Landelotti)

Gengeuerata - Candied ginger (Nostradamus, primarily)

Mandorle confette - Candied almonds

Gelo di Cotogne - Quince paste (Nostradamus)

Finocchio fresco dolce verde - Fresh fennel

Mazzi di fiori - Vases of flowers

Stecchi profumati - Toothpicks

Confettioni a beneplactio - Candied seeds (caraway & coriander)

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