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The Venetian Project Continues!

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on May 8, 2012 - 12:34am

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 The project has been ongoing, it's just that the little bits that I have been working on haven't been very interesting.


I have finally finished binding the edges of the corset and I added extra eyelets to the corset to try and get rid of some of the bunching that was happening.   I haven't managed to get a photo of the completed corset as I wouldn't hold still when Shannon was lacing it and it was on too low and was twisted - just goes to show that standing still is actually important.

As well as finishing off the corset I have made a silk petticote to go with the gown.  the petticote is a silk which has Orange warp thread and mint green weft threads - it looks like a brassy/bronze colour until the orange or green threads catch the light.  The Petticote is of a simple construction - it is a flared skirt pleated onto a thin waist band.  It closes at two back side openings which are threaded shut through eyelets. 

The petticote has not been hemmed yet as we will hem it at the same time as the gown to make sure we get the hems at the right lengths.


We have decided not to make a camica yet so that we can ensure that we get the neckline of the camica to match the gown.

We have however discussed the construction of the camica and the particular order of underlayers in depth.  I personally do not like pleated material against my skin as no matter how soft the material is it leaves marks and can hurt - especially under a corset;  another consideration we discussed was the nature of the wide, deep opening at the front of the gown.  After reading Bella's thoughts on this  over at the Realm of Venus we have decided to try out her approach and to make a simple under camicia (hereafter referred to as 'the shift' for simplicity) in the style of much earlier chemise to be worn under the corset and petticote and then to maake a much more elaborate 'over-camicia' (hereafer referred to as the camicia) which is worn diectly under the gown and over the corset and petticote.  This will allow the pleated front of the camicia to be on display under the open lacing at the front of the gown.   As the point of the opening is so low it is likely that the camicia will have to be worn over the silk petticote as the petticote waist band sits much higher then the bottom of the opening - but we will figure this out later.


We also discussed how the shoulder straps of the dress should sit as I do not have the sloping shoulder seen in the image and after looking at a variety of images of Venetian gowns from this time it appears that women whose shoulder were  less rounded did seem to have the straps actually on the shoulder (there are a few images that show this on the link above entitled 'thoughts on this') so we will be looking at this option.  I will discuss it in more detail when we pattern the bodice


The last bit of exciting news that I have to write about is that Katherine has finished the lace to go on the arms of the gown...  here is it against a measuring tape in inches for scale



To see more about this dress follow this link

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